"Hacking" / Advanced smartplaylists | Now with OR and AND in one 😀

Hello :)

Smart playlist are really awesome. But somewhat limited.

It's either all AND or all OR

But I found out you can do some stuff by hacking the collection.nml file

$ARTIST % "steven" | $GENRE % "house" | $GENRE % "techno"

^ This is a normal query created from traktor. If a track matches any of the 3 filter the track will be added to the playlist.

But when you manually change it by hand to:

$ARTIST % "steven" & $GENRE % "house" | $GENRE % "techno"

It will either show techno tracks OR house track by steven. Yay

I don't know how to make brackets yet. Anyone got an idea?

I used this website to de/encode the HTML.



  • Patch
    Patch Bristol, UKMember Posts: 86 Tri
    edited February 19

    First - fair play to you mate, for finding this out.

    Second - What TF, Traktor Team? How can this be possible?!? Why on earth would you make it possible to do in an HTML editor, but NOT in our Native Smart Playlists?

    It really does feel like you're taking the piss. We've been asking for literally YEARS for Smart Playlists, and then you give us a half-***** implementation, and THEN, we find out that you're holding out on us.

    Not good enough NI, not good enough. 🤔🤬

  • Karlos Santos
    Karlos Santos United KingdomModerator Posts: 136 mod

    Moderator note:

    FYI; it is a breach of the EULA Terms & Conditions that you agreed to when you installed Traktor to modify the software. You do it at your own peril.

    3.5 Licensee is not authorized to modify the software, unless it is to preserve or restore the agreed functions of the software purchased.

    Don't shoot the messenger, it's my duty to inform you and I DO NOT need any replies to this message.


  • Sûlherokhh
    Sûlherokhh GermanyMember Posts: 327 Saw

    Still interesting. I will be investigating the file with more interest now. Any worthwhile results will be shared.

    If any of this will prompt the dev team to update Traktor and/or incorporate any of it, well, it would be much appreciated. 🔧

  • lord-carlos
    lord-carlos .Member Posts: 187 Saw

    It's similar against the EULA as many of the existing commercial tools that manipulate the collection. I would not worry too much about it. But thanks for letting me know.

    Sadly I have not been able to do much advanced stuff just yet.

    For example I wanted to make a playlist of:

    $ARTIST % "ben" & $GENRE % "house" | $GENRE % "techno" & $ARTIST % "charlotte"

    House track by Ben OR techno tracks by charlotte. Sadly this gives me only tracks by charlotte.

    If anyone has some idea how to create brackets that would be neat 📸

  • Sûlherokhh
    Sûlherokhh GermanyMember Posts: 327 Saw

    Testing the first couple of variations i got this:

    • & &
    • ( (
    • ) )
    • [ Z
    • ] ]
    • | |

  • lord-carlos
    lord-carlos .Member Posts: 187 Saw

    When I try that I still does not work for me.

    ($ARTIST % "ben" & $GENRE % "house") | ($GENRE % "techno" & $ARTIST % "charlotte")

    encoded would look like:

    ($ARTIST % "ben" & $GENRE % "house") | ($GENRE % "techno" & $ARTIST % "charlotte")

    Playlist is empty and on exit of traktor the QUERY string is empty.

  • Kubrak
    Kubrak Member Posts: 1,210 Pulse
    edited February 19

    I guess only up to 3 fields are possible. But that is only my wild guess.

    What about

    ($ARTIST % "ben" | $ARTIST % "XXXX") & $GENRE % "house"

    or logical equivalent (but it probably returns artist XXXX & "house", based on your previous experiments)

    $ARTIST % "ben" & $GENRE % "house" | $ARTIST % "XXXX" & $GENRE % "house"


    & and | behave like * and + in calculus, & has higher priority than | when evaluating the expression.

  • lord-carlos
    lord-carlos .Member Posts: 187 Saw

    Anyone messed some more with this?

  • wayfinder
    wayfinder BerlinMember Posts: 143 Tri
    edited April 6

    As far as I can tell you can have as many &s as you want, but only one term around a | will be taken into account. Brackets don't work.

  • alec.tron
    alec.tron Member Posts: 42 Tri
    edited April 8

    This is all* rather bizarre imo...

    * that 'Smart playlist are...somewhat limited.' - i.e. after 3/4of a year, it's still not possible to have them take the playing deck/track into account as a means for 'smarts', which for me is the only need of a 'smart' playlist implementation... and as it apparently now turns out, it can do basic and/or syntax as shown above which, from the people who could actually could make use of the half baked implementation (as they've not found a better dynamic playlist system in the last years that integrates into their workflow....), this is the one major shortcoming criticized from the start iirc....

    Very curious about the next steps here.


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