M+: Simplest ways to record improvisation into wav

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I have started playing with M+ and have some songs in the pipeline for recording 'live'. I have tried resampling but M froze, so I guess this is not the way to do it. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Looking for an alternative, on windows 10, I have installed maschine software, connect via usb M+ to the laptop and it is recognised, although stopped, whatever this means.

I have armed an audio track, set source to external.

Still, when I hit play on M, sound heard in headphones plugged directly into M, no sound is picked up in the software.

How to fix that and what is the very simplest way to record improvisations except for connecting a hardware recorder?


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    Resampling is the way to do it.

    Crashing is a bug. It is not a feature.

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    I see. That's great news in a sense. I will set config sharing on so that dev team can find out.

    It might have been that the sd card was not defragged yet and it did cause issues loading projects sometimes. No other issues at 65% CPU otherwise.

    Still, the other method would be useful in some contexts. I have just found there are some drivers to install.


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    This thread discusses an excellent solution that I've been trying. Still tweaking my personal setup with it but it seems very promising!

    Thanks again to @filip pietrzykowski for turning us onto it. πŸ‘

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    @WarriorLite said:

    I have armed an audio track, set source to external.

    "External" is not for resampling, is to sample external sources connected to Maschine via audio cables. Set the Input as "Internal" for resampling; also maybe set the length to Free, if you leave SYNC On then it will only record when the project is playing. This should work fine on an M+

    If you still want to do it from the software then the same method works, or you can simply install a free audio recording VST and put it in the Master. (MRecorder for example)

    It might have been that the sd card was not defragged yet and it did cause issues loading projects sometimes.

    It can't be.

    SD cards just like SSD's do not need defrag, only old mechanical spinning (HDD) hard drives need that.

  • filip pietrzykowski
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    true that!

    it is amazing tool for sampling - especially internal sampling (off the film or music from your PC) - no cables no hassle - just patch outs to Ins and press record button.

    The option to multitrack your live performance, without additional a/d/a conversion and without dozens of cables (not to mention a system to 'catch' the performance - PC/daw) is excelent.

    Once you get your head over it (GUI is kinda 80's:) - it will be a swiss knife within your PC.

    For artists streaming - this is amazing tool, when you can patch audio signals into OBS - every instrument/channel separately.

    I am on a mission to bring more interest into this app - it deserves it !

    Together with the Maschine Standalone it's great marriage for anyone who wants to record/catch their session/performance playing music live.

    Without this software if you want to record just master stereo out - you would need either stereo recorder and monitoring system to 'copy' the master signal - have it on th espeakers/HP when performing and 'copy' signal to record stereo.

    Another option is a separate system - PC with DAW and audio interface with several inputs to accommodate whatever amount of instruments you have - and than you would need to set it up to have monitoring and recording - additional hassle (patchbay would help).

    This adds additional costs, cables, devices, room/space on your desk...

    Now I use my laptop for hosting Maschine Standalone when playing music and I am able to multitrack it on same machine - it is great solution. Gives me ability to correct or edit/mix recorded performance on single tracks

  • WarriorLite
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    Coorect me if I am mistaken but it looks like something I have been looking for to record from youtube into ableton directly.

    Have you found it to be a resource hog compared to other drivers?

  • Peter Harris
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    No, ALP has very low overhead for me now that I got it installed properly.

  • WarriorLite
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    OK, so that is the big solution I will need to wrap my head around when time allows. Many thanks Filip and others for the heads up.

    Till then, it still appears the way I tried to do that, which approximates what Elektron vst plugins enable, that is to get audio from M to daw via USB and record that on an armed audio track, still looks undoable even once I have installed the M drivers and reset the laptop. The audio in M is still showing in M software ass stopped, audio is not showing up also when the source is set to internal (thanks for clarifying btw).

  • WarriorLite
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    OK, thanks. so for now, I just seek to record all the tracks to a single wav.

    In Sampling, have set to internal, master, sync, free. Before starting, I have selected a free channel in group 8. Started recording, sdtarted playback.

    Soon, the recording gets interrupted. Previously, it went on for 13 mins until it interrupted I don't know why.

    It seems to have to do with selecting a group containing audio sample, but I might be completely wrong.

    What might be causing the recording to be interrupted?

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