Rmx1000 vs traktor pro fx

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Friends, I have never used the rmx1000 device before, I did not feel the need. I like doing digital work more with Traktor pro. I see the future in this direction. I want to ask you to compare these two effect ways, what are the differences? What are the pros and cons?


  • zephry
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    The Rmx 1000 is very cool, I have always wanted one. But can't justify the price. Even now it probably is hard to find below $600usd. And it was released in 2012.

    For the most part it is an overall effects and sound not individual channels, like the built in effects. But I think I did hear of someone routing it to channels some how. Maybe I am wrong about that. It also has the ability to add some sounds to dub in.

    Here is a nice video about it though.


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    A really nice video. I watched it all carefully. I couldn't understand your comment on the channels. Sorry my english is bad As far as I can see, it applies effects, the pattern player competitor produces sounds, can apply special effects to 3 different frequency ranges.

    When we compare tractor pro effects with this, can we say that traktor pro is an economical solution in terms of quality?

    Can we say that the pattern player was inspired by this device?

    Can we say that there are no special effects on frequency ranges in traktor pro?

    It also seems to have fxes that are not rmx1000.

    Am I interpreting it correctly, what else can we say?

  • zephry
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    In Traktor the Fx are on or off for each Deck (A B C D).

    For the Rmx1000. The Fx that it makes are on all Decks (A B C D). There might be a way to do it different. But I do not think so.

    Pattern players and sequencers are probably inspired by production software like Ableton. Or by hardware. Sampling is common. I would not say Traktor copied the Rmx1000. Most Dj software has some type of sampling or sequencer. The S4mk3 has a sequencer already, with the Remix Decks.

    If you duplicate decks and practice or have a practiced Dj mix, you can use effects on frequencies of Traktor. I have done this and also used effects on different keys by duplicate tracks and isolated frequencies. It can get confusing though. So the Rmx1000 would be fun to do fast frequency FX.

    For me, the Rmx1000 is not worth the price. I would most probably have a good mix without it and just do something with Traktor or plan my dj sets better. But if I was rich I would buy it for sure.

    I think that the best dj sets are more about the track selection and phrasing than fx or gear. But if you can do awesome FX and gear and mix and track selection with samples and be that good, that would be awesome. After all, that is what we all want to do.

    Good talk, don't let anyone hold you back, inspiration is the key to success!

  • Stevan
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    The pattern player is basically the same idea as the Midifighter Twister sequencer mapping. Nothing ground breaking and original. The origginality is gone and everyone only copy other people ideas.


  • zephry
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    Just learn a workflow that works for you and use ideas and influences. Music in general has come from beating sticks and rocks and howling at the moon. Lol.

    But we can all agree on certain aspects.

    The key.

    The rhythm.

    The genre we choose.

    The mix of it all and artistic or diverse influences.

  • Kayya
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    @zephry @Stevan In fact, it was wrong to show the inspired point as rmx1000. As you said, it would be more correct to put this path on the first to the beginning. I think I wanted to emphasize that it was inspired by the rmx1000 when I was only comparing the two devices. I totally agree it wasn't groundbreaking, it was more creative when remixdeck was developed. Over time, use the pattern player effect more than a creator and when I started to see it as a simple effect in the form of a horse, I agreed. In response to creativity, the effect as if it were fast, simple and creative...

    Thinking like this, I tried to compare pattern player and rmx1000. I wanted to compare the feature differences and effect quality. I still haven't been able to visualize where the good side is.

    I use it too little to use any effects on my own sets. I agree with the key, rhythm, genre lyrics. Nevertheless, people think, question and compare. He wants it to be at hand. :)

  • zephry
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    I still want the Rmx1000. Lol.

    There is an IPad version of it. I am not sure how it works.

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