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Hey, wonder if someone could give us a bit of advice. I have a big collection of vinyl which I’m about to digitise. I have an S4/Traktor (latest) connected to my 1210s decks (input:internal). I’ve often recoded mixes (mainly digital MP3:) everything sounds ok. But I’m about to record my vinyl collection. I’m hoping for quality results, will the S4 card/hardware be suitable… basically capturing the vinyl using traktor with the record function? I’ve done a test recording and it’s ok, but just need tips before hand.,


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    I wanted to use the S4 mk3 when I purchased it for exactly that - and unfortunately there's an inherent flaw in the phono/preamp signal that's never been corrected afaik.




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    Yeah, I do get some sort of noise without anything playing... which isn't great. Looking at the forums, seems a lot of people have this issue. This is pretty poor from NI if they cant get this sorted.. The S4 is a lot of money to have this sort of issue....

    Did you use a soundcard to digitise? any recomendations?

    thanks for your reply.

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    Yea, I assumed as well NI would be able to deliver something at least acceptable for their high(est) end device...

    As is, I still keep my old mixer and record through a RME Babyface Pro for when I really want/need to digitize vinyl.


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    I get it only , because we are mixed DJ's (Digi and Vinyl)

    it was realy disturbing, that the analog input sounded so bad, after spending some good money for something that dos not work as promised, this is somehow fraud

    Where is the fix NI?

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    I’m hoping for quality results, will the S4 card/hardware be suitable…

    Here's a YT video of someone mixing vinyl through the S4 MK3's phono preamps (you can tell from the lights near the gain knobs that it's phono), and it sounds acceptable. Here's a few things you should keep in mind though:

    • Expect it to be quieter and sound flatter than digital - that has more to do with how tracks are mastered for vinyl, less to do with the quality of hardware. You'll have to crank up the gain maybe +6dBs more than usual to account for that, but you shouldn't need to max it out.
    • I would recommend using the S4's standalone mode and use sound recording software like Audacity - keep Traktor off. Traktor's audio chain is going to add things like gain, EQ, filters, limiters, and all of that is going to affect the sound quality.
    • Even though the S4 MK3 isn't cheap, it will give you good but not the best sound. The sound quality will still be outperformed by dedicated phono pre-amps, and more expensive higher-end gear (mixers and controllers alike). DJ controller manufacturers are also notorious for sacrificing the quality of their pre-amps to keep the size and weight down, to allow them to run over USB power, or to simply cut costs.
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    If you want seriously digitize your vinyl collection in perfect quality, here is my recommendation:

    1. Don't use a DJ controller for digitizing records
    2. Use a "good" phono pre-amp (Pro-Ject DS2-USB - this thing is a beast)
    3. Use a "good" cartridge (Ortofone 2M Blue/Black)
    4. Clean your vinyl
    5. Set your recording device at least to 24/48
    6. Look for the perfect record level (-1db at highest peak)
    7. Use a professional audiosoftware (iZotope RX 10)
    8. Don't use automated "Declicker" , remove every click manualy
    9. Do not EQ, compress or maximize your audio files
    10. Do not convert your files to mp3 or other lossy formats
    11. Save as flac or wav
    12. You're happy

    I am digitizing vinyls since many years with this equipment and the quality is perfect.

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