User Expansions with images on Maschine Plus?

Guy Brown
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I have been creating my own expansions for Maschine based on packs from Splice and other places.

Using the various guides I have been adding images and colours via adding files to “../NI Resources/image” and “../NI Resources/dist_database” and they look great in the browser. Additionally, I have added a folder called PAResources inside the expansion folder with the same files.

Although they work great in the Maschine software and the MK3, when I copy the expansions to my Maschine Plus the images obviously don’t show. I was hoping it would pick them up from the PAResources folder but maybe I have done something wrong.

Does anyone know if it’s possible to have the images for user expansions on Maschine Plus?


  • Peter Harris
    Peter Harris Member Posts: 470 Pro

    For what it's worth, I would definitely be interested in your custom expansions, the only one I know of is Frank 'Xenox' Neuman's Synth Motions which was quite excellent (although I don't remember seeing a thumbnail image in it on the M+). If you search for him/it on here in the community he might have some advice for you.

  • PK The DJ
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    If you compare an official NI Maschine expansion installed on your computer to the same expansion installed on the Plus, you'll notice there are differences. More files on the Plus.

  • Guy Brown
    Guy Brown Member Posts: 24 Member

    Yeah, I tried to replicate those files copying one of the official expansions including editing the db files but no joy! Maybe I’ll try again.

  • Guy Brown
    Guy Brown Member Posts: 24 Member

    Strangely the db files in each expansion seem to include data for all expansions which seems odd

  • Flexi
    Flexi Member Posts: 366 Pro

    I suspect it would have to be a "Jailbreak" to the firmware on the M+ to get this working, and the userbase just isn't as large as the MPC userbase for the right kind of bods to do it, hopefully in the future it gets modded.

  • ozon
    ozon Member Posts: 1,354 Expert

    Hopefully, in the future, NI provides an Expansion Maker app.

  • Flexi
    Flexi Member Posts: 366 Pro

    That might be likely if they set up some kind of marketplace that they take a cut on sales (Good idea) unlikely otherwise.

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