Better Kontakt support on Maschine+!

Trevor Meier
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Hey y’all - the Kontakt devs are running an AMA here in the forum. If you want to advocate for better Kontakt library support in M+, now’s your chance:


  • Nico_NI
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    Hey Trevor, thank you for spreading the word of the AmA.

    However, it is not meant to be a feature request thread. Your question about having more Kontakt support on Maschine+ was diligently answered, so I would consider the topic dealt with 😊

  • sp4o4
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    @Nico_NI Where can we find the diligent answer ?? Since he is asking for more support for Kontakt and you shut him down with "I would consider the topic dealt with"

    What has been dealt with ? What was said? Why won't you bring more libraries over to Machine Plus ?

    Why is everything shredded in secrecy with you guys.

    Why is Maschine Plus so underdeveloped from this company ??

  • D-One
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    Trying to rally people in favor of a particular request is extremely unlikely to yield any practical results. Let's appreciate this AmA initiative so it keeps happening and not try to turn it into a feature request thing.

    The answer is right there in the thread in the 3rd post, it's most likely not the answer OP or anyone wants to hear but it's there... So the question is dealt with. I interpret "it takes a long time" + "conversations are underway" as: It's not happening anytime soon, if they are just talking and considering options then they're not actively working in this particular topic at the moment.

    All your other questions seem unrelated to Kontakt, maybe there will be a AmA with the Maschine+ team in the future and you can ask those questions.

  • Flexi
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    Secrecy - Are you new to NI? NI has had a bunch of different owners in recent years and they have never been anything but secretive, mostly because they aren't actually working on anything to do with anything you want, expansions keeps the lights on over there, so they make expansions, the sooner the Izotope mindset kicks in at NI, the more updates you will get, but you will be paying for them.

    That also explains with M+ is so underdeveloped, it didn't sell well because of initial reviews (Sadly, any newer reviews or videos are calling its praises, see latest loopop) and their insane pricing, so they make what keeps the lights on, expansions.

    At some point yearly non point paid updates will happen, mostly just to modernise the UI (Izotope) and remove some features (Izotope)

    Trust me, lights off = no updates ever, nada, you want the lights on and minimal updates is better than nada.

  • Peter Harris
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    Just get an MK3 which does everything you want except being fully standalone. Or an MPC One. (That's what I owned before and my frustrations with it are the reason why I switched to M+, but maybe you will like it better.)

    For me and many others here Maschine+ is a great product and it gets very tiresome hearing a minority of users stridently complain that it fails to meet up to their particular expectations. No one at NI ever guaranteed that M+ would meet every consumers' expectations.

    Is M+ perfect? Of course not. But many of us in this community love it and prefer it to the available alternatives, even if we wish more updates and enhancements came faster. And we continue to choose to be optimistic about its future. 🙂

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