stems analysis coming?

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edited December 2022 in Traktor Software & Hardware

Hello to everyone,

 The entire traktor pro community is eagerly awaiting the arrival of stems analysis. waiting on this front while all other brands have started to use it adds to the excitement. we were bored and cornered.

 Is stems analysis on the way?

 Is he coming ?

 Is there a trace?

 As a second issue, I would like to move the conversations circulating in the community for this feature here. There is talk of keeping the stems analysis feature at the paid subscription level. all brands keep it at free level. We are definitely not against the subscription system, privileged service can be provided with the subscription system. must adapt to the new world. but one should not confuse privileged service with innovative services. The hierarchy of the subscription tier should be well decided. As the Traktor pro community, do we have to pay to play the music?

 What does Traktor pro think about this?


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