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Dear Traktorists,

In this thread we’re sharing the TRAKTOR PRO feature roadmap for the current quarter. Going forward, we’ll be sharing an updated version of the roadmap on a quarterly basis.

By sharing this roadmap with our user community, we want to initiate conversations around our planning process and help you, our users, better understand where TRAKTOR PRO is heading.

  • The RELEASED column lists the features that we have released in the most recent update.
  • The ACTIVE column shows the features our development team is currently implementing. These features can be expected to be available in our public beta program soon.
  • The UPCOMING column lists the features that we plan to tackle next on our engineering roadmap.
  • The PRIORITIES column gives you an outlook over the features we are aiming to tackle next. These areas still require further research and clarification to better understand the challenges and the efforts involved. Initiatives in this section may change based on the feedback and priorities of our user community.

The roadmap also contains a few tags that indicate the following:

  • BASE: features part of the base version available to subscribers and non-subscribers.
  • PLUS: features part of PRO PLUS that are only available to subscribers.
  • IN RESEARCH: features in active research that are being refined to define their scope and implementation strategy.
  • IN DEVELOPMENT: features currently in active development.
  • IN BETA: features currently available in the public beta version.
  • IN TESTING: soon to be released features undergoing testing.  

We are working on a new update for release very soon. We’re currently in the testing phase, and are excited to share more details in the coming weeks.

We’d like to outline that these are just some of the topics the development team is currently working on and that, for this roadmap, we’ve chosen to only list larger initiatives with user-facing value. Outside of this, we’re still actively working on initiatives in the backend, including bug fixes and improving code quality.

Happy DJing on TRAKTOR PRO and stay tuned!


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