I had a request for a mobile Traktor Pro 3

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Rekordbox for iOS/Android with full performance mode (coming early next year) according to the release of new budget DDJ-FLX4. Plus, they already had the music management version for iPhone and android phone or tablet, that I was requesting for Traktor Pro 3.

The Rekordbox mobile app includes all the basic functions of Export mode in rekordbox (Mac/Windows) and it supports various file formats including WAV, FLAC, and ALAC


  • lord-carlos
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    Would be cool :)

    But they currently only have the ressources to fix a couple of bugs in a 2 - 3 month time period. No way they can write a full multi platform app.

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    how many developers work on Traktor, do we know?

    @Kaiwan_NI maybe you can share.

  • Demus
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    They don't need to write a new multi-platform app. Just read the specification for Traktor DJ 2. They already have one for how many years now that's been abandon. It was and still is a very good app, if I had gotten the library conversion that was promised to import my Traktor Pro 3 collection into Traktor DJ 2. I would have been using Traktor DJ 2 for my main DJ program. I like the first road map that was promised a long time ago of making Traktor DJ 2 the new Traktor Pro 4. Now it's a waiting game to see what NI have for us for next year, software wise and hardware wise.

  • Kaiwan_NI
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    I can't sorry 🥺 I saw there's a suggestion for a mobile app in our ideas section but it doesn't seem to get lots of traction. I agree it'd be cool though

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    I notice that also, So, now you see why I will never pay any subscription plan for any software. Because what's priority to me may never be priority to anyone else. DJing is a part time job for me, I work fulltime 9 to 5. So, a phone app or universal app would have been great. Can't be walking around with a laptop at work but I have my phone with me at all times. Also, all my request that I did in the requested features are now closed because of not enough up vote. But they are all critical as far as I am concerned for the way I DJ.

    Request font size? 17-23 (Closed)

    The ability to write the actual BPM decimal point like 85.50 or 101.85 in the BPM tag field without rounding up or down (Closed)

    Dynamic playlist like Traktor DJ 2 (Closed)

    Smart' BPM syncing x2, /2. I up voted this, and it's not been closed 😁

    I think these are simple basic request shouldn't be hard to implement. But I could be wrong

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     I saw there's a suggestion for a mobile app in our ideas section but it doesn't seem to get lots of traction. I agree it'd be cool though

    Traktor and Maschine work just fine with Microsoft Surface 7 Pro (i5 CPU 4C/8T), which is Windows tablet. CPU is passively cooled up to 7 Pro and i5, i7 models are actively cooled and i5 8 Pro also.

    Would be great if Apple unified its OSes, so that Traktor for Mac would run on iPad as well...

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    I've found that with this app: https://atgr-production-team.sellfy.store/p/emuy/ you can still use Traktor 3 as your main library management tool, but then export your Traktor collection to RekordBox and soon use it on Android/iOS too.

  • major7
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    Why not, its crazy not to have an app for your business in 2023. I can't use my Kontrol S8 now because something wrong happened with my laptop, so until I purchase a new one, my S8 is just going to eat the dust... :(

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