I had a request for a mobile Traktor Pro 3

Rekordbox for iOS/Android with full performance mode (coming early next year) according to the release of new budget DDJ-FLX4. Plus, they already had the music management version for iPhone and android phone or tablet, that I was requesting for Traktor Pro 3.

The Rekordbox mobile app includes all the basic functions of Export mode in rekordbox (Mac/Windows) and it supports various file formats including WAV, FLAC, and ALAC


  • lord-carlos
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    Would be cool :)

    But they currently only have the ressources to fix a couple of bugs in a 2 - 3 month time period. No way they can write a full multi platform app.

  • Tellmeaboutit123
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    how many developers work on Traktor, do we know?

    @Kaiwan_NI maybe you can share.

  • Demus
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    They don't need to write a new multi-platform app. Just read the specification for Traktor DJ 2. They already have one for how many years now that's been abandon. It was and still is a very good app, if I had gotten the library conversion that was promised to import my Traktor Pro 3 collection into Traktor DJ 2. I would have been using Traktor DJ 2 for my main DJ program. I like the first road map that was promised a long time ago of making Traktor DJ 2 the new Traktor Pro 4. Now it's a waiting game to see what NI have for us for next year, software wise and hardware wise.

  • Kaiwan_NI
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    I can't sorry 🥺 I saw there's a suggestion for a mobile app in our ideas section but it doesn't seem to get lots of traction. I agree it'd be cool though

  • Demus
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    I notice that also, So, now you see why I will never pay any subscription plan for any software. Because what's priority to me may never be priority to anyone else. DJing is a part time job for me, I work fulltime 9 to 5. So, a phone app or universal app would have been great. Can't be walking around with a laptop at work but I have my phone with me at all times. Also, all my request that I did in the requested features are now closed because of not enough up vote. But they are all critical as far as I am concerned for the way I DJ.

    Request font size? 17-23 (Closed)

    The ability to write the actual BPM decimal point like 85.50 or 101.85 in the BPM tag field without rounding up or down (Closed)

    Dynamic playlist like Traktor DJ 2 (Closed)

    Smart' BPM syncing x2, /2. I up voted this, and it's not been closed 😁

    I think these are simple basic request shouldn't be hard to implement. But I could be wrong

  • Kubrak
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     I saw there's a suggestion for a mobile app in our ideas section but it doesn't seem to get lots of traction. I agree it'd be cool though

    Traktor and Maschine work just fine with Microsoft Surface 7 Pro (i5 CPU 4C/8T), which is Windows tablet. CPU is passively cooled up to 7 Pro and i5, i7 models are actively cooled and i5 8 Pro also.

    Would be great if Apple unified its OSes, so that Traktor for Mac would run on iPad as well...

  • TEHK
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    I've found that with this app: https://atgr-production-team.sellfy.store/p/emuy/ you can still use Traktor 3 as your main library management tool, but then export your Traktor collection to RekordBox and soon use it on Android/iOS too.

  • major7
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    Why not, its crazy not to have an app for your business in 2023. I can't use my Kontrol S8 now because something wrong happened with my laptop, so until I purchase a new one, my S8 is just going to eat the dust... :(

  • Demus
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    Rekordbox DJ has released their new updated to the Rekordbox DJ mobile app. for IOS and Android with Metha data sync to windows and Mac. Now that they are in the process of buying Serato DJ, I can imagine the same info might soon be available for syncing with Serato library and vice versa. This will be really interesting to see what become of this merger. As far as the software is concern.

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