Where is Maschine plus pulling samples from

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After downloading many expansion packs etc. via Wi-Fi to my Maschine Plus Hardware, where does it get stored? Does it get stored on my SD card or the actual hardware? Also, when loading samples, patterns, instruments onto my groups (for example) are they being loaded from the SD card or the hard drive?

thank you in advance for your help.

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    Maschine+ as far as I know does not have any internal “hard drive”, if it does it’s probably super small and is used to flash the OS and not for actual file storage.

    Either way, Maschine+ and the OS are booted up and that point everything in your project is loaded from your SD card and into The Maschine+’s ram. I know you can hook up external drives via USB but I think those are specifically for accessing User Content and not for booting up the operating system and software.


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