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Change loop length from s61 mkii?

DPFranz Member Posts: 3 Sine
edited August 29 in Komplete Kontrol

I'm working with KK s61 Mkii in Studio One 5 DAW. Transport, metronome, loop, tempo, undo, mixer, etc. buttons are working great. I'm really happy!

That said, when I hold down the loop button, and turn the encoder, the loop region moves in Studio One 5 - so far so good. But - I can't find a way to change the length of the loop region from the s61 hardware.

I know this is meant for Maschine, and DAW control is something I should be grateful for (and I am), but I'm wondering if there is such a hardware shortcut in Maschine, and I could try it in my DAW and see if it works.



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