Komplete Kontrol Save Function and Knob-Assignment doesn't work

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Hello, i want to report two bugs/malfunctions, which in my humble opinion are quite severe, and seem to be connected to each other.

  1. There are essential parameters which can not be assigned to the Komplete Kontrol Knobs via the Plug-in panel's Edit mode. For example it happens with KONTAKT. Open up a Kontakt based Instrument, for example Scarbee Jay-Bass, Discovery Series Instruments etc.. When you open the "additional view" to see some of the Kontakt-Interface, you could access "Tune" and the "Volume"-Fader. BUT: those incredibly basic functions can not be assigned to the hardware Knobs via the Plug-in panel's Edit mode. Why? Please fix this! It's KONTAKT, after all - your own product. The only thing working is: rightclicking on "Tune" or "Volume" and assign a Midi Knob to it - but that Midi knob won't be part of the convenient Plugin-Mode (aka the 8 hardware knobs on the mk2 , running in Plugin mode) ! And this assignment will only stay temporarily! Even when assigning it to some other hardware controller: saving that assignment with File-Save won't save it! It's all gone when re-loading the plugin.
  2. Which is part two of my bug report: User presets will not remember those midi assignments made to "Tune" or "Volume". And, far worse: User presets will not remember a value-change in "Tune" and "volume", although the change -should- be saved. When you change Tune or Volume to other levels and save the User-Preset - the next time you open up Komplete Kontrol (or switch back to the new userpreset after loading another instrument), the level change is gone! It just does not save the change. Please fix this :) Alternatively, you could implement the possibility to change the tune and volume of EVERY loaded instrument/plugin, and let this function be assignable to the Plugin-Mode-Knobs ;)

Other Parameters which cannot be assigned, aside from those above mentioned Kontakt-Based Native Instruments Instruments:

  • "Tune" in BATTERYs Editor-Interface. Not assignable at all. Can't even rightclick it. Change- gets saved, at least.
  • "Tune" in DRUMLABs "Source" Section. That knob is not assignable! Can't even rightclick it. Change gets saved.
  • "Oscillator: Transpose-value" "Brightness Envelop-/LFO-Values" "Periodic Filter: Cycles, phase shift, pinch-values" of LAZERBASS: Not assignable to the knobs! Change gets saved.
  • every parameter of my Kontakt-Based "Ethno World 4" Interface: Reverb Output, Delay, whatever, is un-assignable via Plugin-Panel-Edit-Mode. The change of values gets saved

Thank you thank you thank you in advance for fixing this :D


  • nowiamone
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    i found further libraries which have non-assignable parameters. Mostly, they are libraries of the 'old' type, where you load the nki file from the "Files" tab into the Komplete Kontrol Mainwindow.

    • 8dio - Steinway 1928 (not one single knob assignable)
    • 8dio - Free Angels (not one single knob assignable)
    • Cinematique Instruments Monochord (not one single knob assignable)

    I guess the list goes on and on with those nki based libraries. Still, the things mentioned in my first post are more important, as they are directly related to Native Instruments own products.

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    Have you assigned automation to the parameters you want to control, a lot of libraries don't have parameters assigned by default, so you need to check the Automation tab in Kontakt to see what is mapped there. If what you want to control is not listed, drag the automation id to the control you want to assign to the parameter...

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    Thanks to your comment, I remembered that there is a third “view” option, which isn’t accessed by the “+” Button in the Komplete Kontrol Interface, but via the View Menu. Having full access to Kontakt via the Edit View, I could check out the Automation tab, and voila: for many cases it works. Now it’s finally possible to Assign “Volume” and “Tune” which would be perfect, IF the assignment would actually stay when saving the preset. It does not stay! Neither the assignment nor changes of Values in Tune and Volume stay! :( :( :( Would you or anyone else please be so kind to check this with your own system? So i can make a bug-report! Just load any Kontaktbased Library like Alicias Key, open Edit View to change the Volume, save -> and see if when opening a new instance of Komplete (or loading an instrument of another non-kontakt-category in between), the preset still has that new Volume-Value. For me, saving the preset never saves those value changes for Volume or Tune… never. And also it forgets the assignment via the Automation tab.

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    Did you save the NKI prior to saving the NKS Preset?

  • nowiamone
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    I use "file - save as" to create my custom presets, i guess thats *.nks. This method worked with every parameter other than the above mentioned (volume, tune, and some Non-NI libraries), that's why i didnt think that the method of saving could be insufficient.

    Is there a different way of saving, after changing volume/tune?

    Better question: are you able to save changes in Tune and Volume? If yes, please tell me how :)

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    after you make the tune and volume automation assignments, click the disk icon in the Kontakt interface and save the NKI... then do the "File -> Save in Komplete Kontrol.

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    Thank you! I was too focused on Komplete Kontrol, it seems. When i save the NKI first, then make a NKS preset via Komplete Kontrol with it, assignments and Volume/Tune-Changes stay! Thanks alot! ! !

    Sadly, it seems like a never-ending story of problems: i ve run into the issue of "non-removable" assignments.

    For example, for my most favorite Drum (Darbuka from NI Spotlight Collection: Middle East) that means: the first 45! Host parameters are already assigned to the KompleteKontrol-Knobs, and the "Remove" button remains grey. Even though it's possible to double-assign parameters, the intial assignment stays. So when i want to use "Tune", i ll also change the Reverb-Volume, or whatever other assignment remains. That's no fun, especially for "Tune" as i need to see the value in the display.

    For the second problem i - almost - found a solution. I wanted to tell the Tune-Knob to move up/down differently. Not in 0.01 or 0.1 steps, but 1.0 (or 0.5). I ve found a script for that, which works for MidiAssignments, like Midi cc11. https://www.native-instruments.com/forum/threads/modulating-kontakts-master-tune-knob.360097/

    on controller

    if ($CC_NUM = 11)


    end if

    end on

    But: when i try to insert the script via script editor, i can't because all 5 Script-Slots are already used, and they seem to be non-editable. Haha!!! I m a bit exhausted with those detail-problems now.

    Is there another way to make the Tune move in different steps (1 instead of 0.01) - And how would the script look, if instead of CC11 it shall adress the first Knob / the #000 Host Automation-Parameter? :D Sometimes i feel like Native-Instruments Mastery needs a University.

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