Is Traktor Pro going to follow the trend in stems known in Virtual DJ and Djay apps

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I own the latest version of Traktor pro on Mac, afater having bought several upgrades.

I am interested in the possibility of mixing in stems (isolating vocals especially) REAL-TIME. For the moment, Native Instruments decided to implement the stem approach on tracks pre-prepared for stems (and so bought with stems included).

Problem is, you do not find all tracks with stems when you want to buy them and....other djing softwares (virtual dj an djay) developed real-time stems mixing (after tracks without stems are analysed).

I reckon this function does not work perfectly but is traktor going to have this function in the near future ?

The question deserves to be on the table especially knowing NI announced that the benefits of future traktor pro upgrades will only go tu customers that subscribe to and no simply pay for upgrades...News that make ustomers think of leaving NI...

Thanks in advance for your answer



  • Mutis
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    You can use apps like “Let’s unmix” or hitnmix deep remix…

  • Leregaleur
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    Mutis, Problem is the app you mention, if I understand correctly, will separate teh stems in the source mp3 track and then rebuild the track in mp4 or wav => this will deteriorate sound quality...

  • PK The DJ
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    Separating stems deteriorates sound quality anyway. Even the best expensive dedicated (non realtime) software causes audible artifacts.

    If the suggested software separates stems and can save to WAV then it's going to be no worse than real time separation of the source mp3 file.

    The other option is to use VDJ.

  • Mutis
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    You can use wav for inout and output but if you output directly into stem.mp4 file you could load inside stem deck at traktor. About quality, well… it will depend but those aren’t worst than djay/vdj (hitnmix ripx has the option to high quality but it takes some time or will require a dedicated over windows to do the magic). Another option could be if NI implements iZotope technology inside traktor like the masterizer and the promised traktor plus features but it’s just a wonder, not any single clue of happening. OTOH you can use my workaround with not so powerful machines (desktop apps are working on my late12 mac mini and iPad apps are ok on my mini4 but no realtime afaik)

  • Kjee
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    Serato stems in real time have just crushed all competition bye bye Traktor Pro, I’m sorry. I was hoping for something a lot better than a built in “drum machine” now I have to go over to the (Dark Side). You’ve had a good run with me now I have to bring the New Year in right “2023”. 🙏🏽🤘🏽

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