Help reinstalling C drive

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So at some point soon I'm going to have to reinstall C drive

I have all my Ni content on an external ssd F drive however

Komplete kontakt / Battery / Massive / Guitar rig 6 are on my C drive

So if I replace my C drive and reinstall Komplete kontakt / Battery / Massive / Guitar rig 6 

Will these programmes still be able to find the Ni instruments on F drive or will I have to reinstall everything again


  • JesterMgee
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    I believe it should be able to IF you use Native Access 2. NA1 cannot relink content.

  • Jimster
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    How will I know if I'm using Access 2 I download Access in the last 2 weeks so I should imagine that is Access 2

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    Look at e.g. the visual differences. Native Access 1 has a light themed UI overlay, whereas Native Access 2 has a dark themed one.

    Native Access:

    Native Access 2

  • Jimster
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    I see yes I have n 1 think I will stick with 1 at the moment as I see there are some issues with n 2 anyway can I still install

     Komplete kontakt / Battery / Massive / Guitar rig 6  on C drive and will they still see the instruments on my external drive F

  • Donkey Oaty
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    If you have a decent disk management and backup programme this should not be problematic. I updated my internal SSD from 250 GB to 1TB. I used Paragon software (there's a lot of other software that will do this) and it was quick and seamless. In addition to a decent migration tool (these usually come with a disk management and/or backup package) I needed:

    i) A small USB data pen - the sotware used this to boot with the new unformatted empty 1TBdisk in the machine.

    ii) A case & cable for the 'old' 250 GB disk I was removing. That cost me about 20 quid. I also now have a small footprint very fast 250 GB external SSD if and when I need one.

    Process was:

    A) Set up the disk management / migration package on the existing HDD. Let it format the USB into its boot drive. Put the boot USB pen somewhere safe and label it.

    B) Take machine apart and get the existing M2 250 GB SSD out.

    C) Install new 1TB SSD in laptop and then put it all back together.

    D) Install the 250 GB disk I took out of the laptop into its external case (about 3 minutes).

    E) stick Boot USB pen into a USB port on laptop. Plug the old (now external) SSD cable into another USB port on laptop.

    F) Follow the instructions when your machine boots.

    The only 'sticky' part of the process was - I had to get into the bios and make a few changes to stop Windows screwing things up and to allow me to install the new SSD. When I say sticky - more of an inconvenience. The programme I was using told me about this. Once I'd done this the software told me it had found a new internal SSD and the formatting options. It then told me it had found the external SSD and that it was a boot disk with an operating system. It asked me if I wanted to migrate what was on the old 250GB drive. I stated yes.

    The rest of the process was absolutelly seamless. I wasnt even required to provide licences for anything. Everything worked/works fine and it was quite quick.

  • Jimster
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    Thanks for the above information I have not got a disc management program however I may take the computer to the shop and have it done as time I purchased the program and then take a chance as I'm really not good when it come to the bios I did have a look for a disc management program I see that they are between £40 and £70 if I take it to the shop it will cost around £60 however if I take it to the shop would it be best to uninstall the native programs first what do you advise

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