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Traktor pro on intel 10th gen vs intel 3th gen!

Eugen79 Member Posts: 4 Sine

I have two MBP

early 2020 (i5 10th gen) and mid 2012 (i5 3rd gen)

I noticed that my MBP 2020 has worse performance than MBP 2012

On MBP 2012, I have the opportunity to set a 64kb buffer and have no problems (cpu load is fine when I do scratch)

On MBP 2020, when i setting buffer as 64kb , I get a problem:

cpu load is overloaded (red zone) when I do scratch and it is audible with audio artefacts

let's discuss the possible reasons for this



  • Kubrak
    Kubrak Member Posts: 1,346 Pulse
    edited June 20

    I am not on Mac, but on Win it could be due to power plan/management of CPU. You start scratching CPU boosts, but the boost is sustainable only for short time. CPU heats, clock must go way down, to cool CPU down. And dropout occures.... I would try to limit or disable CPU boost and try, if it helps. Also better cooling of MBP 2020 might help....

    Maybe that Mac users will navigate you more precisely.

  • Eugen79
    Eugen79 Member Posts: 4 Sine

    firstly, there is no way to change anything on the mac (bios, frequencies and voltages, and turboboost cannot be turned off)

    Secondly, processor temperatures are normal and utilization is only 10-15% (~30% MBP 2012) if i monitor INTEL POWER GADGET

    and finally, everything is fine on rekordbox on [email protected] On all MBPs

    The Traktor is not optimized for new processors (and I'm not only talking about m1, but also about intel of the latest generations)

    And they stubbornly do not recognize this fact😡

  • Kubrak
    Kubrak Member Posts: 1,346 Pulse

    OK, I feared that many things one cannot set on Mac. 10th gen Intel is OK, like older Intels, I do not know, what should be opimized for it...

    10th gen is old CPU, Intel has 12th now. That one is different from older Intels and often programs have to address that.


    I have found there are 3rd party utilities that allow to set certain things on CPU on Mac.

  • Iceman the Dj
    Iceman the Dj RomaniaMember Posts: 10 Sine

    I am on Macbook Air 2020 with M1, 8G RAM... Traktor pro 3 latest update with Kontrol S4 mk3 and 2 x F1. Works ok on roseta but I stil wait for the native m1 versio tho... 🙄

  • Eugen79
    Eugen79 Member Posts: 4 Sine

    Iceman the Dj

    please do the following instructions:

    -set a 64kb buffer in audio setup

    -load 2 tracks in decks

    -play one of it and scratch another (push play to) and chek the "load" area in the middle of the top panel at that moment.

    ps: scratch it hard, don't think about the skill - just baby scratch


    10th gen is old CPU, Intel has 12th now. That one is different from older Intels and often programs have to address that.

    its last MBP intel inside - there are no macbooks on 11th and 12th gen intels in the world!

    and is this is 8 years newer than MBP2012!


  • Kubrak
    Kubrak Member Posts: 1,346 Pulse

    I tried to explain you, that your problem might be because 10th gen Intel is more prone to throttling than 3rd gen. Take it or leave it.

    Apple should care more about it or let users set CPU power plan as needed for desired use. I do not think NI can do much about it....

    I found this app for Mac to set few CPU things, maybe it helps, maybe there is something better available... I am not Mac user....

    And have you tried different audio interface? It also might be due to audio interface....

  • Eugen79
    Eugen79 Member Posts: 4 Sine

    temperatures are normal, what is the trottling?

    the situation was identical on MBP 2017 (i5 7th gen) I could not get normal work on 64kb

    only MBP 2012 gave me this opportunity

    volta - this app does not support ivy bridge or ice lyke (3th or 10th gen) but thx

    I have tried on many interfaces (s2mk3, djm250mk2, djm450, xdj1000mk2)

  • Kubrak
    Kubrak Member Posts: 1,346 Pulse

    I do not know, how Apple set the CPU limits. Generally, 10th i5 should do better than 3rd gen i5, not worse. So, there must be some kind of problem either with cooling or setting the CPU or OS or notebook design, I guess.

    If Volta does not support your OS/CPU, you may try to find other utility for setting CPU things...

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