Spleeter stems and DVS on your iPhone

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Meanwhile NI is still working on Apple Silicon transition Algoriddim is pushing forward the future of djing doing NeuralMix (spleeter realtime stems based on dedicated hardware chip inside Apple Silicon SoC), DVS support, video support, midi learn… on low wattage device called iPhone.

Since Djay Pro is an universal app, porting these features into mac and M1 chip is trivial (the most complex part is transform touchUI elements into Mouse/Keyboard elements/actions and Apple offers tools for that to make softer the transition.

Only “con” is subscription model…




  • dj_krono
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    Algoriddim (Djay Pro) is revolutionizing the digital dj market, and Atomix (VirtualDJ) is growing-up with a more sophisticated software explicitly developed for pro users.

    Native Instruments (and Serato, too) should improve Traktor to bridge the gap...


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    I just bought the full version of Djay Pro. Unfortunately the time code vinyl is already sold out. The feature with the backside seems to be very nice. Phase support should also be coming soon. My Rane Twelve MKII is already fully integrated and it's been really fun so far. Everything in the UI is very intuitive and logical so far. The hardware support is also very good and MIDI learn is easy for me as a mapping beginner.

    I actually always thought that one day I would switch to Serato. At the moment it looks like Djay Pro will be my new first choice.

  • Moif
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    I am actually surprised that Algoriddim beat NI to the punch.

    Phone hardware is getting exponentially faster and to have the ability to pull out Traktor on my phone and plug it into any aux port would be a game changer.

    There used to be an iOS app back in the day, why was it pulled?

    Not to mention I've bought in to the NI ecosystem and I am willing to pay a subscription to keep everything contained.

    As for the DJay app itself? I'm loving it. I'm on the couch putting tunes together, discovering new mixes and generally having a great experience.

  • nightjar
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    Sadly it is NOT a surprise the NI got beaten to the the punch for many who have been active in the NI forums.

    NI has had so much potential squandered. Hope it's not too late.

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    @Mutis I'm not a fan of a subscription model either, but so far they've delivered well. an update with bugfixes and improvements was published just one week after the release.

    as long as they can keep this pace, as a professional i will gladly pay the annual fee. measured against all the other subscription models to which i am bound these days, this does not make up a large proportion.

    the competition in this area also seems to me to be much more expensive.

    so far so good.

  • Mutis
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    For those imterested on DVS…

    Serato vinyl works (comfirmed by a friend and by the info at algoriddim web) and probably others too but NI vinyl being 2kHz will require a test…

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    Yes, the Serato Vinyl works fine. But the NI Vinyl not. Can't calibrate it.

  • thefunkyboulevards
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    Im using with Phase here, and works like a charm. I have the complete kontrol family (x1 mk2, z1 and f1). I made my way to use the Z1 and X1. Is possible to map and use with no problems.

    The main issue is the led lights on the Z1 only. Is not possible to use. I play using a pair of Reloop RP 8000 mk2, and the controls from the Turntable are all mapped by default and work like a charm.

    Native Instruments, MUST, update the iPhone app, and release a firmware update to the controllers to use with their app on iPhone at least.

    Im like my controllers, but im considering buy the Reloop Mixtour, just to have the Led Lights, and a "versatile controller" to use with Traktor, but also with Djay, and others dawn when i have to.

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