TRAKTOR KONTROL Z1 + iPad Pro 2021 11"

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I just bought an iPad pro 11" (M1, USB C) and a TRAKTOR KONTROL Z1.

I really loved the idea on creating a mix with those two handy products.

With great disappointment I realized that Traktor DJ 2 doesn't work with TRAKTOR KONTROL Z1.

It works just as an audio interface that's it.

TRAKTOR KONTROL Z1 Knobs, faders will not be recognized by Traktor DJ 2 on iPad pro 11" (M1, USB C).

Please help me with that issue,





  • Thomas_J
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    Hi Philip,

    What type of cable do you use to connect your iPad Pro usb-c to the Z1 ?

    Once connected, is the Z1 powered on ? (LEDs are on)

  • Karlos Santos
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    Welcome to the forum.

    The Z1 and Traktor DJ2 are definitely compatible.

    Unfortunately there are issues with M1 Macs that are being worked on by NI. Whether this applies to iPad Pro as well, I do not know.

    @Ryan @ NI may be able to clarify.


  • markski
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    Strange. I have a 2021 iPad Air and Traktor DJ 2 works perfectly with the Z1 - soundcard, all faders, pots, LED's etc. Are you connecting via a USB hub connected to the iPad or directly? I tested using a USB-C to USB A cable and it works fine.

  • karlphilip
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    Hi @Karlos Santos, Hi @markski , Hi @Thomas_J

    Thank you for your message.

    I am using a USB C to USB A cable too. If I connect the same cable from Z1 to my MacBook Pro (Intel), using the mac version of Traktor DJ 2 everything works great. The iPadAir 2021 does not have the M1 processor, could this be the problem?

    In addition,

    the recording function does not work on the ipad Pro 2021. Traktor DJ 2 Mac version does not have this issue.

    @markski is ist possible to record a mix on the iPad Air 2021?


  • TeLLy
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    @markski the issue is the M1 chip. My 2021 iPad Pro is similarly crippled when it comes to NI interfaces now, no matter what combination of OEM or aftermarket cabling I've tried.

    M1 also obviously breaks any hacks/workarounds for getting NI legacy gear like S4MK1, X1MK1, Rig Kontrol, to work with latest MacOS. Glad I haven't thrown out my old MBP yet.

    Hi @Karlos Santos!

  • Karlos Santos
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    ***old farts klaxon***

    Hi @TeLLy very nice to see you here. I think @chilly is here too.

  • Wyley
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    Yeah they pop their heads in once and awhile. I think they've all grown up now or did they?

  • TeLLy
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    I left the forums for a while to focus on other life stuff but I keep in touch with the OGs on the old-person social media platforms. It's refreshing to see other DJ's faces and how OLD we are now.

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