How to manually add one note to the chord?

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Playbox loaded into Maschine. I found a preset I liked, and the last chord has an extra note (5 notes, the other seven chords have only 4) and this extra note has a fantastic sample loaded. I want to copy manually this sample to an empty cube in the other chords, but can't find a way to do it directly on the User Interface. It seems that the only way to add a new cube to any chord set is copying the midi chords to the Maschine Editor, edit them (add another note) and copy back to Playbox. Only then I can have a new empty cube to use as I wish.

Am I missing something, or does this have something to do with chord harmonics that I don't have the proper knowledge about, or it's a missed feature?




  • Jeremy_NI
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    Hey @manolo.floyd You can enter the notes with the keyboard, as explained in this video at 9:06:

    You can then edit the note. I hope that it works out for you.

  • manolo.floyd
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    Thanks for the response, but unfortunately it's not what I expected. I get you can do it that way, but what if I have only my mouse and no midi keyboard, and also they made this for people who are not excellent keyboardist, right? It would be way more faster if I just click on the empty slot and "add" one note and adjust it with the arrows as the others already there. For me it should work this way if they designed it as an intuitive instrument in mind. Anyway it's good, thanks.

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    You can also click on the virtual keyboard in Kontakt if all you have is mouse...

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