How to manually add one note to the chord?

manolo.floyd Member Posts: 12 Newcomer
edited April 2022 in Kontakt

Playbox loaded into Maschine. I found a preset I liked, and the last chord has an extra note (5 notes, the other seven chords have only 4) and this extra note has a fantastic sample loaded. I want to copy manually this sample to an empty cube in the other chords, but can't find a way to do it directly on the User Interface. It seems that the only way to add a new cube to any chord set is copying the midi chords to the Maschine Editor, edit them (add another note) and copy back to Playbox. Only then I can have a new empty cube to use as I wish.

Am I missing something, or does this have something to do with chord harmonics that I don't have the proper knowledge about, or it's a missed feature?




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