Browser Flickering still persists in 3.6

Rajiv Cassie
Rajiv Cassie Member Posts: 13 Member

Every version I've installed since 3.4.2 has had an issue where the display flickers when loading a track from Playlists. I have noticed that it doesn't happen as frequently when loading a track directly from the folder.

I assumed it may have been my OS on my Mac, but after updating - the issue still persists.

I've seen multiple threads regarding this issue, has there been any solution ever since?



  • DJDL
    DJDL Member Posts: 67 Helper

    Browser flickering is a known issue and NI is working on it. There is no guarantee for when it will be fixed tho.

  • DJM (Sagar)
    DJM (Sagar) Member Posts: 45 Helper

    It was supposed to be fixed in one of the 3.6 betas but didn't. Check the roadmap in the sticky post on the top of the forum. Browser improvements are in research.

    Though I have to say that I have experienced less of this since 3.5 and 3.6. I use a fast external SSD for my music and my Traktor collection sits on the internal drive which is a 2017 SSD. Seems to work reasonably well and the flickering only bothers me if I leave the search keyword in for too long.

  • Kaiwan_NI
    Kaiwan_NI Administrator Posts: 2,701 admin

    Confirming that it's in our roadmap as DJM said. 👍

  • wayfinder
    wayfinder Member Posts: 377 Guru

    Thanks for the confirmation, this is as far as I'm aware the first explicit confirmation that you're planning to work on this. "Browser workflows" in the roadmap could have meant anything, so it's nice to hear something more specific.

  • lord-carlos
    lord-carlos Member Posts: 2,797 Expert

    Can't wait for Q2 2024 when my browser stops flickering 😊

  • Harald Hermann
    Harald Hermann Member Posts: 1 Member

    What is planned for Q2 2024? I´m having this browser flickering issues since I switched to Traktor Pro 3.x - never had this with Traktor Pro 2.x

    I found out that I have the issue with 3x flickering in smartplaylists if I have filtered a keyword in a smartplaylist. If I do the same in normal playlist it´s flickering only 1 time.

  • lord-carlos
    lord-carlos Member Posts: 2,797 Expert

    The Q 2024 was a joke I did in 2022. It's funny because it's so ridiculous that it would take so many years to fix this issue.

    Well and now here we are :) NI Devs are talking about a private beta "soon" but that was a few month back.

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