Is it possible to buy somewhere a pad sensor sheet for MIKRO MK3 ?

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I have a problem - when I press one pad, the next pad can still sound softly, and some pads doesn't sound at all. I tried to clean - but in vain. I think the new pad sensor sheet will help. What do you say? Where I can find it?


  • Blindeddie
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    You can try, I have not looked in a while and not sure they have replacements for the Mikro MK3, I know they carry them for the Maschine Mk3 and not sure if they are interchangeable.

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    Thank you!

  • D-One
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    I doubt a bit that a new "sensor sheet" will fix that if cleaning didn't help. Does it show any signs of damage? How does the PCB look?

    The sheet is just a piece of graphite that closes the contacts of the PCB Pad copper traces, that's the actual sensor... It's quite hard to damage the sheet itself.

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    OK, I solved the problem. I saw in youtube - someone said, that it need change preferences in maschine hardware, change sencivity down on 25%. End it works! Thanks for everyone for help! Greetings from Ukraine!

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