Maschine Plus Browser window not viewable in controller mode



  • Peter Harris
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    Worth trying if you've exhausted everything else, especially since it's easy and free to rule it out. As I say, there are some odd circumstances where USB is not always forward compatible. I wouldn't have believed it but I remember reading about an instance of that in the Maschine technotes somewhere.

  • D-One
    D-One Moderator Posts: 1,482 mod

    Try reinstalling Maschine.

    Try switching to MIDI Mode (Shift + Channel/MIDI) and see if that works.

    Also, if you have access to another computer from someone else in your household, a friend, or whatever, install Maschine there and check if it works.

  • barr7004
    barr7004 Member Posts: 17 Member
    Answer ✓

    Maschine family, I fixed it. There was an issue with my drivers, uninstalling and reinstalling did not work. I was on Windows 8.1. I upgraded to Windows 10 and when the system booted back up, it automatically fixed the issues with my drivers. My screen works fine now. I know it sounds strange but it had to be something with the OS. I did update the BIOS on my computer as well. I am finally ready to dig in. Thanks everyone

  • Blindeddie
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    Ahhh, that make sense, being that the specs say Win 10 (minimum)😜

  • Nico_NI
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    The good old OS issue 😅 Thanks for sharing the fix @barr7004 - feel free to mark your answer as the solution 😉

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