Some VST are missing in my KONTAKT, even though installed in library.

Wenxuan Liu
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Hi Guys,

I am having this question:

I have installed the library of all my VSTs from purchased Komplete 13 Bundle via Native Access. However, as I access Kontakt and Kontakt 7 in my DAW, weirdly some VSTs are available but some are not.

For example, the instrument Anima Ascent.

It is shown from my Native Access that this VST is installed, but it is not like other VSTs available in my KONTAKT library.

Anyone knows how to resolve this?

I accessed Kontakt>>>Setting>>>Options>>>

The VST Anima Ascent is not shown with a square box like other VSTs either.

This leads me to think if the VST is not a part of KOMPLETE 13?

I urgently need help.

I have made sure my KONTAKT and my NATIVE ACCESS are at the latest version.

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