Maschine mk3 as live input sound too low on line mode

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I’ve configured the maschine mk3 as a live input in one of the decks of Traktor S4 through an audio interface (komplete audio S2). Everything works well but I’m struggling with the sound quality. In line mode, sound is way too low, I need to put the gain of the live deck in traktor S4 all the way up and yet the volume is still too low. Obviously if I switch to phono mode, sounds is louder but not good quality (muddy/bassy).

I heard that traktor s4 has a poor input amplifiers, so I was wondering what I need to do to get a louder sound level from line input? Do I need a line amplifier ?

Is there any settings on maschine mk3 to amplify the output of the signal before sending to traktor?



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    Hey @diego_braido You would need to connect your turntable to a mixer and plug the mixer to the MK3 or get a phono to line converter.

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