Native Access requires more free drive space than actual file size?

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Hi threre,

I tried to reinstall Session Horn Pro and Session Strings Pro via Native Access. Horns has 27.49GB. My external SSD has over 800GB available. But when I click on "Download" it says:

"Installation has been prevented

You do not have enough free space to install the product: 74GB required on MacintoshHD, please free an additional 29 GB.

A sizable portion of the required drive space is only needed temporarily and will be freed up after the installation ends."

Ok... so my Macintosh has only 47GB free space available. And there is not much that I could erase at the moment.

Can I change something in the Native Access preferences to avoid the required 74GB free space on my Macintosh to install Horns Pro and Strings Pro? My current preferences are:

Download location:

  • /User/(*****)/Downloads

Application location:

  • /Applications/Native Instruments

Content location:

  • /Volumes/Sandisk/Users/Shared/Kontakt Library

And why doesn't Native Access use the 800GB free space on the external SSD for the required 74GB? Is there any way I can fix this?

Thank you!


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  • AxEdge
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    Sorry, can’t help but I have a similar problem - good luck with replies

  • Jojo123
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    This question seems to come up a lot.

    In the installation process the OS needs to use the system drive to unpack the files using quite a lot of space in that process. Makes no difference if the libraries install to external disk. Its only temporary, but its why you need a good deal of space free on system drive. Its also better to install one thing at a time when you have limited disk space.

    What size is your system drive?. In any event, 47GB is getting dangerously low for a system drive as Id assume anything below 500GB these days is simply not enough... especially running such libraries as NI. Its often recommended to have at least 25% free, as a bare minimum.

    If I dont miss my guess, you're going to have to free up space to get this done. Unless things have changed recently I dont think there's a way around it.

  • pibi
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    Hi !

    i refer to Win 10 /64 install, for MAC idont have idea

    Problem is in in settings of NI Acces ! First check "Download path" in set it to your space in NI A "Settings" !

    In download path jou will get ISO file of product - some products are realy LARGE (30GB)

    ISO file waits to end of DL in full size (in dowload path) and end of DL is when small fila Aria dissapier from DL directory. Next is instaling phase and ISO is mounted as Virtual DVD with leter E or whatever

    In vitual DVD is ISO unpacked to setup program + package fies xxxxx.01 to whatever number

    This also takes maybe again some space for virtual DVD

    When setup finishes all jobs, it dismount ISO file on DVD and delete ISO to clear space automaticaly

    But if you select more products it DL ISO file for Every product at same time! This means if jou DL products lets say 5 at same time IT WILL GENERATE 5 ISO disks what makes problems and errors.

    So best is to DL 1 or 2 product ony and check free space on DL disk and maybee change path in NIAcess to other disk. I newer use "INSTALL ALL" option . It will start DL too much products and built ISO files at same time. Install work just 1 by 1 product, but multipe DL at same time makes disk space problem

    That worked for me and hope will save nervs and time to others!😀

    Hi , Pibi 👍️

  • Kubrak
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    In my experience, there is not much problems to download all or many plugins in one run. NA downloads at most two (or maybe three isos at the same time)....

    But it may help to download one by one, if one has limited disc space. In that case also helps install big items first and smallest last, as at install moment double space is needed (one for ISO to be installed and one for installation). So, installing rather big item as last may fail, as one needs to have free at least double the size.

  • Jeremy_NI
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    Answer ✓

    @BigBlue It's a common issue, yes. Have you checked this article yet? Native Access Error Message: "Installation has been prevented. You do not have enough free drive space to install the products."

    If you set the download destination to a folder on your external hard drive you should have less issues.

    Also make sure to use Native Access 2 as it's better in this aspect.

  • januarycivil
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    Ok, I saw it asserted that the installer has to use the system drive, which needs the housekeeping space by its 'nature'. I have enountered this a couple of times this year with limited space on my system drive and on my samples drive, ie., external drive. I can't really go in deleting anything on the system drive because there is too little that isn't system to begin with. So, I can offload things in sample libraries directories temporarily onto say google drive and re-up once done, and that's what I do. So it may (and this afaik tracks) be that once upon a time NA's installer needed to work from system drive but that cannot be the case here today, as I know specifically what space I have on each of two drives

  • Kymeia
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    The installers themselves can be downloaded to an external drive as specified in Native Access, and of course you can also install to an external drive. However any virtual memory/temp space used for the unpacking and file transfer process must surely be on the system drive (it isn't going to all fit into RAM, even if you have a lot) so that must require a certain amount of space still on the system drive.

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