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STEM Separation and Maschine

Eclectic Lily
Eclectic Lily Member Posts: 30 Member

Hi guys,

are you planning to create a software to separate STEMS from a song and, maybe, implement that software in Machine DAW?

Thank you!



  • PK The DJ
    PK The DJ Member Posts: 835 Guru

    Well they did say (a long time ago) that stem separation was coming to Traktor, but there's been no progress there, so I think you will have a long wait.

  • Paul Opp
    Paul Opp Member Posts: 25 Member

    Hot topic for me as FL studio has it coming and serato sample has it too. Lets hope it comes in the next update but i highly doubt it.

  • PK The DJ
    PK The DJ Member Posts: 835 Guru

    There's no shortage of stem separation tools to use in the meantime.

  • Eclectic Lily
    Eclectic Lily Member Posts: 30 Member

    True but not speaking about live STEM separation but th more professional pre STEM separation like RipX does... and they are the best, as there are many other rSTEM separations out there but none as professional like RTipX. But I wish Native Instruments would do that too at even a higher level, maybe via Isotope?

  • jt maher
    jt maher Member Posts: 80 Newcomer

    Haven’t tried FL’s stem separation yet, but from yt videos it already sounds waaay better than serato stems. Lots of artifacts in serato stems especially with isolating the drums. Sounds bad most of the time. It works ok for very subtle variations like taking the voice out of samples!

    I have faith Serato will step their game up with the separation algorithm with continued updates…

    As for stems being implemented into the maschine sw. You’d probably have a better chance of winning the lottery. Doesn’t isotope already have rx10 stem isolation ?

  • Eclectic Lily
    Eclectic Lily Member Posts: 30 Member

    Yep as far as I know it is like you said regarding Isotope RX10, that is why it would be awesome if it would be integrated in the Maschine DAW like they are doing with RipX...

    Regarding Serato live STEM separation (and all other current live STEM separation) are all pretty ****** for me... too many artifacts... So far the only one on the market that is professional is RipX.

  • Kaldosh
    Kaldosh Member Posts: 265 Advisor

    I still use RX8 separation and with good fiddling with reduction parameters at best quality results are good. Also very pleased with Serato result which is amazingly performing if you consider it is done in real time or the processing time is very short and their stretch algorithm is still one of the best out there

  • Paul Opp
    Paul Opp Member Posts: 25 Member

    Maybe get some discount to purchase Music Rebalance is a powerful tool that intelligently identifies vocals, bass, percussion, and other instruments in a mix and allows for independent gain adjustment of each element. to do the stem separation

  • Dee Jay Rel
    Dee Jay Rel Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

    This is a hot feature for beat making hardware and software right now. We need it bad!!

  • SIBA_11
    SIBA_11 Member Posts: 15 Member

    Its 2024. Akai is coming with Stem Sep. When is Maschine gonna have this. Been a minute since the Daw had a REAL Update. lets go!!!

  • teqnotic
    teqnotic Member Posts: 13 Member

    Don't lose your future or current Maschine users to AKAI. Stem separation would be a welcomed feature 👍🏼

  • 6xes
    6xes Member Posts: 579 Pro
    edited February 24

    theres already options for stem separation... to be used inside of Maschine...


    routing existing software that utilises Stem separation through the Maschine software audio inputs using VirtualDJfree

    buy a VST the latest version of serato sample

    the examples.. are bolt on options if one so desires them, whats more is the virtualDJfree you can do today.. the VST version of serato allows for use across other DAW's and does exactly what you ask within the DAW....

    the fact people request stuff to be part of the Maschine software, when its achievable with either cash or in the case of VDJfree being absolutely free... almost points to an individual who is finding challenges too hard to overcome!

  • theviirus
    theviirus Member Posts: 5 Member

    I'll be a voice of dissent. Stem separation should not be a priority for maschine. Traktor maybe, but there are already stem separation technologies elsewhere as other posters have made reference to. I've only ever used it to see what it would do...and the results are always mediocre and swirly..and its always obvious stem separation was used on the part.

    Personally, stem separation is only useful for me in the context of not having access to the multitrack: trying to analyze a piece of music to learn how it was made, trying to learn a part in a not great mix. I would never be using anything stem separated in a finalized piece of music because right now the results sound absolutely awful. Even mp3 artefacts could be useful and enjoyable in the right context, but periodic and nonperiodic spectral swirling where it shouldnt be (which is the clear signature of stem separation) is not something easily gotten rid of nor something I'd allow in a final mix.

    Here is the controversial opinion: stem separation is useless if I have access to a multitrack. And while it does have utility for remixing... these tools don't really matter if I have access to the multitrack OR the stems... because I could simply use those instead of relying on stem separation. See where this is going? Stem separation exists partly because there is an interest in separating the music you don't have multitracks for. This might come in handy for the record industry though; they did just had a massive archival storage fire some years back that hundreds of artists lost master recordings in.

    Stem separation serves the interests of remix culture that has previously relied on acapellas on records/tapes or misplaced multitracks. Maschine isn't necessarily the flagship of "remix culture" as much as traktor/stems is. So placing the expectation of this development on the Maschine devs is akin to asking Moog to design a high pass filter when other brands have them; its not what they are interested in or the vision they serve but you're welcome to use other tools for it.

    YOUR MUSIC IS YOUR MUSIC, do whatever you want, I won't brow beat anyone for your sampling activities. but being frank about this, I don't really see many legitimate (you know what i mean) uses for stem separation that warrant any action or attention of the development staff. Go use other tools out there and do whatever you want. They already exist elsewhere and will probably perform better than doing it in Maschine or on the Maschine Plus.

    Yall complain about stagnating development regarding Maschine(plus) but then think this is what the dev staff should put their efforts into? Yeah I'm laughing about that and I hope the dev team laughs about this for a while.

  • LostInFoundation
    LostInFoundation Member Posts: 4,004 Expert

    Controversial? Everyone would have access to multitrack. But who does?

    You see stem separation under one single aspect (the one of dis and remixing). But there are different uses for it.

    You are underestimating the use for people who love to make their music by sampling a snippet of an older song, chopping it and flipping the hell out of it. Believe me: every single Hip Hop producer from the 90s would have had Stems separation ☺️

    It’s not a case stems separation is making it’s way on devices like MPC…or it’s been requested for Maschine.

    The fact that some users don’t make music in this way doesn’t mean this is not a feature useful for many others.

    If someone doesn’t use pianos in their music should this mean no one else should get pianos?

    Maschine is a product derived from MPCs. MPC were innovating the way to make music and used in this way. It’s at its core a sampler. Made to sample. If someone wants to make music with it in other ways (we all also do this), they are more than welcome. But they could make that music with any other DAW and a keyboard.

    Of course you can buy a bicycle and use it to pull a plow, but it’s not an horse. It was created to be different from a horse. Then you can use it as you want.

    About artifacts I do agree. But even Autotune adds a metallic sounding to the human voice. And the music industry tried to avoid it for many years. Then trap came in and those same artifacts became a signature sound. And now even good singers not needing it to tune their voice use it as an fx. Exactly to add that signature sound.

    What “worries” me is another thing: producers having to deal with, e.g., vocals under their violins sample for years had to find a solution to it. And those compromises they had to do sparkled creativity (I’m sure many vocal sounds in those records wouldn’t be there if they had stems separation. But now they sound so good and on point to our ears). Which lead to another kind of signature sound. Now you can have almost clean violins out of a 60s Soul record…the way those samples will sound will be different.

    But I’m more than happy we now have the possibility to have both, the clean sample or the one with the other elements interfering. It means double choice for the producer: will I use the pure violin sound or will I chop and flip the sample with those bass notes in a way that also those find their musical place? 😉

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