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ScanApp3 crashes scanning plugins in Komplete Kontrol 3.0.1 M1 Mac Studio

isteveszone Member Posts: 6 Member

I have a large set of NI Kontrol 14 and Arturia plugins and something in the scanning is causing it to crash and I swear I have half the instrument presets I normally get. I can provide a crash log if required. Sadly the quantity of plugins I have make it virtually impossible to figure out which is causing the problem. The Komplete Kontrol logs tell me nothing.

Would be handy if scanApp could log as it goes to help narrow down crashes...



  • isteveszone
    isteveszone Member Posts: 6 Member

    Backed down to KK 2.9.4.... still crashes and I got confused about preset counts...all seems to be there as far as I can tell. Crash still concerning though... Could it still be missing something as it crashes at end of scan so did it stop scanning anything further from there?

  • KindredSpirit
    KindredSpirit Member Posts: 3 Member

    Same problem on Windows 11. KK 3.02

  • Dcb
    Dcb Member Posts: 7 Member

    I have the same problem. I just ignore it, as I use Komplete Kontrol as little as possible. It looks like an unwieldy mess to me. I have to use Kontakt within Komplete Kontrol to play Cremona Quartet, Woodwind Solo,Orchestral Essentials 1 and 2, and Valves. All of those instruments have improperly implemented midi note off signals if used within Kontakt by itself (in Pro Tools). I reported this issue to Native but just kept getting the response that I should not stop in the middle of a note. HA! That's like telling the doctor that your arm hurta when you hold it overhead and having him suggest that you stop holding your arm that way.

  • noumansaeed
    noumansaeed Member Posts: 11 Member

    where I can get the older version? Newer version is causing so much issues. Everything was running fine,and then the new update messed up everything.😔

  • Vocalpoint
    Vocalpoint Member Posts: 672 Pro
    edited November 2023

    Let me guess - running Sonoma?

    If so - there are only two NI apps that have been tested and are considered supported under this OS.

    macOS 14 Sonoma Compatibility Statement – Native Instruments (

    The rest of the NI world (included all versions of Komplete Kontrol) are not - and could be playing a role in your troubles.


  • reffahcs
    reffahcs Member Posts: 744 Pro

    Do you know which plugin it's crashing on?

    I'm on Sonoma 14.1.1 and In my case it was the well known RX 10 Elements compatibility issue with Sonoma. Once I deleted the RX 10 De-Click VST, the problem went away. A better fix though is to download RX 10 Elements directly from iZotope's website and install it using the standalone installer.

  • Lonneki
    Lonneki Member Posts: 1 Newcomer


  • isteveszone
    isteveszone Member Posts: 6 Member

    Well that's the trick... Is there an easy way to remove each plugin one by one and try it out. If one has a lot of them it could be rather painful try one by one until you find the one you want. If there was a way to either see it in the logs of the scanner, or have some checkboxes to turn off plugin folders from the library tab in settings or even the better for it to tell us right when its about to crash, this plug-in is bad. Barring that, I don't see myself trying each one by hand lol too busy for that until I find that one plugin I want to use that isn't there. And given I use things by discovery, I will likely never know what I'm missing...

  • Kymeia
    Kymeia Member Posts: 3,487 Expert

    It would be great if more hosts gave you a report of how all plugins fared in the scan, with options to selectively disable offending plugins, like Logic does

  • isteveszone
    isteveszone Member Posts: 6 Member

    The funny thing is they have a log file being output as it runs but they don't take advantage of it to at least show which it scanned, which completed so that if it did indeed crash you could look at the logs to see which is missing the "complete" line. That at a minimum could tell you something. Its literally a couple lines of code to add this and would go a long way...

    Apple knows a couple things w/r to UI/UX though sometimes get it wrong too but feels more right than wrong where it counts IMO.

    As a developer myself, I advocate for these kind of quality of life things that go a long way to improve a products image and can lead to ppl willing to pay more for something that is well polished in places like this so we can focus on enjoying the tools rather than having to debug someone else's product.

  • Kymeia
    Kymeia Member Posts: 3,487 Expert
    edited January 22

    Yeah a proper tool like the Logic auval tool would be even better so you don’t have to root around in logs and more importantly can actually exclude misbehaving plugins manually. The fact is scan apps should be expected to crash with some plugins, the whole point is that they provide a way for potentially problematic plugins to be managed before they get to the host. It’s pointless having a plugin scanner that can’t do that

  • Giuseppe.R
    Giuseppe.R Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

    Bonjour à tous,

    Je rencontre le même problème y à t-il une solution ??

    Merci d'avance et bonne journée à tous 🏂️

  • Glenn Rueger
    Glenn Rueger Member Posts: 13 Member
    edited January 31

    Same problem with my system Giuseppe. On Ventura running on the Mac Studio M2Max it has never completed a scan. It always crashes. Now it is crashing Komplete Kontrol 3.1.1

    Good luck to all as we abandon KK, a good idea with problematic execution, Glenn


    Même problème avec mon système Giuseppe. Sur Ventura fonctionnant sur Mac Studio M2Max, il n'a jamais effectué d'analyse. Ça plante toujours. Maintenant, il plante Komplete Kontrol 3.1.1
    Bonne chance à tous alors que nous abandonnons KK, une bonne idée avec une exécution problématique, Glenn

    Mac Studio M2 Max - 96GB - OS 13.6.3 Ventura - Logic Pro 10.8.1 - KK 3.1.1

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