Has any one else experienced the white noise blast in Kontakt - Kinetic Metal?

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Just now I loaded up Kontakt's kinetic metal instrument in my Logic session (I've used it before and not had any issues) and as soon as I went to play my MIDI keyboard a huge deafening blast sounded! And I happened to be wearing headphones... I currently have a headache and earache and will be going to the doctors if my ears are still sore tomorrow. I'm gutted my Beyerdynamic DT 880 headphones are completely blown... as a student, this is really frustrating.

Does anyone know why this is happening? I saw a previous thread on this too, here: https://www.native-instruments.com/forum/threads/kontakt-and-kinetic-metal-just-blown-my-left-speaker-tweeter.462705/#post-2138793


  • Gee_Flat
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    I had an old Kontakt 3 instrument that did it. Maybe 'Rock Kit'. I think I narrowed it down to a Convolution Reverb.

  • Calagan
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    It happened to me few times also...

    It never happened before. Any understanding of the issue ?

    By the way, is your hearing ok now ?

  • Calagan
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    ok, for those interested, I discovered the issue is produced by the exceed of the max voices (when you play too much notes at the same time).

    I did contact the support. I hope they will be able to fix it...

  • Calagan
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    By the way, the support answered me and asked I send them a project where I can reproduce the issue, but it seems it can't be reproduced with only Kinetic Metal in a project...

    I'm a bit clueless how to make them admit there's a HUGE issue with their plugin that need to be adressed...

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    For those interested, I noticed something yesterday (reminding that I couldn't reproduce the issue with only Kinetic Metal in a project : it was only in my Live set).

    The blast of noise was happening in the following situation :

    • Using a pretty heavy Ableton Live set with no latency compensation enabled (for various reasons I don't need to explain here)
    • using after Kinetic Metal a compressor (DMG Audio TrackComp) side-chained to another track
    • each track was having different plugin chain, so different latency

    I had the idea to remove the compressor, and I couldn't reproduce the issue, while just 10mn before, I could reproduce it easily : in the previous situation, playing a lot of notes was after a dozen seconds conducing to the blast of noise.

    Of course, I need to test it more scientifically (I was rehearsing, so I couldn't experiment more).

    For those that know more than me about plugins and Daws, could it be the reason of the issue ?

    I must clarify that I use TrackComp on almost all my tracks, very often side-chained to another track, and I never experienced such an issue. I also never experienced such an issue with Kontakt (I'm speaking about the blast of noise) : it happens only in this specific situation, and not in the various sets where I use Kontakt and/or Kinetic metal a little bit everywhere (I use quite a lot this library in my music).

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