Native Access failing my Komplete 14 installs

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I thought it would be an easy set up but nothing seems to be working.

Native access feels failing my installs, I can't see my komplete 14 and other things I've registered. I can't install Maschine which means I can't start setting up my device, I've tried so many things for 2 days now but I'm pretty fed up as nothing works at all. someone please help me!!


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  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Hi @T1JOE can you get back to us with more details what error message you received?

  • T1JOE
    T1JOE Member Posts: 3 Member

    Hi I have 2 main issues:

    the first being not able to install certain programmes. For example massive x doesn’t come up with any details why it fails, it just says install failed liked a lot of them do. And then the rest fail because it says that I can download in reaktor or Kontakt but the message isn't coming up at the moment just saying failed instead annoyingly.

    my other issue is that anything I have installed, 80% doesn't appear on my Maschine 2 vendor page and so doesn't appear on my mk3.

    any help would be amazing.

  • T1JOE
    T1JOE Member Posts: 3 Member

    here's the message that went.

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @T1JOE The message you posted is not an error message, it's just a message that pops up when you install a Kontakt library or Reaktor Ensemble. Can you post what exact error message you get when "it just says install failed" What is your operating system ? Are you on Mac ? Is this the error message you are getting? Native Access Error Message: "Installation Failed" (Mac)

    Does that fix the issue?

  • Jeremy_NI
    Jeremy_NI Customer Care Posts: 8,895 mod
    Answer ✓

    No news from you for a while. We’re closing this thread now. If you still need assistance on that topic, please get in touch here:

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