Blurry Waveforms No Sound (Traktor Pro 3.7.1)



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    But it's true in Windows 10. I found out that this is a problem, it doesn't happen every time, but it happens from time to time, when you press exit to exit Traktor pro and end the Traktor pro process, something happens in this, it's not a crash, but it's a problem, the next time you start Traktor pro, your settings have already been changed, ok, you set it up like this, and Traktor pro, changed your settings, and you already noticed a difference, something's wrong, before that everything worked fine, or there is no sound. have version 3.8.0, what does it matter what version you have, the problem is in the traktor .exe file. The problem is in the code, well, inside the traktor .exe file. Is this not correct, it does not stably terminate the process of the Traktor pro program and it damaged the files in the C:\Users\Vladyk\Documents\Native Instruments\Traktor 3.8.0 folder, and when you start the Traktor pro program and it does not read this C:\Users\Vladyk\Documents\Native Instruments\Traktor 3.8.0 folder correctly anymore, I tried to reinstall this problem appears again, does not save your settings when you exit the Traktor program pro. I have been studying and researching this problem for a long time, because I also want to understand

    why does it happen like this, well, this is the characteristic of my computer on the screenshot, I tried to reinstall Windows, it does not correct this problem, I bought a new ssd, I thought that the problem was in it, it did not solve this problem, when I exit the traktor pro program, it does not save your settings, when starting the traktor pro program, the settings are changed in the traktor pro program. I first noticed this problem on version 3.5.1, on the previous version 3.4.2, I did not observe this problem. When I changed the path in settings to C:\Users\Vladyk\Documents\Native Instruments\Traktor 3.8.0,already being in another section, the problem is solved, and I also noticed that the collection has fewer problems than before, that I have a very large collection of tracks, which previously had problems when sorting, that the collection already has intact tracks in wav and mp3, flac formats, all tracks are read from the collection and loaded into the deck. I research and study it further and compare before and after. If before , these tracks were damaged and did not analyze them, but these tracks were in the collection, if after that these tracks were already analyzed and read, but these tracks were on the same disk, I simply moved the Native Instruments\ folder to another partition.

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    People recommend all 512. but you have wondered what the other numbers are for.?Why can't I use the others?Yes, we know that every computer is different.But you have not thought why put a number that can bring us problems? Why don't we just leave the numbers that go well?If you have an option in the software why put the one that will give you problems and not eliminate it?it doesn't make sense to me.

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