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Playback audio keeps cutting out

DavidJin Member Posts: 7 Member
edited February 3 in Komplete Kontrol

Hey! This is sort of a part two. So a couple of months ago, I posted a question about the playback of NI instruments cutting out, we've managed to resolve the issue back then, however the same issue came up again, and this time drastically, to the point where any playback is rendered almost impossible. Sometimes it cuts out, sometimes it doesnt, however on the times it does cut it, it is again, drastic. Below I've attached a video to demonstrate what I mean. Does anyone know of a possible solution to this?

P.s I've noticed that it has only happened in Komplete Kontrol, if I load the same instrument in

Kontakt, it plays perfectly so far.


  • Gee_Flat
    Gee_Flat Member Posts: 728 Guru

    If this happened to me the solution would be simple. I wouldn't use KK, and I actually don't use it, ever. Is there a benefit to running Studio Drummer in KK?

    Your title is misleading, because I don't hear sound cutting out, I hear sounds being choked as if the 'Hold', 'Decay' or 'Transient Sustain' are being rolled back.

  • DavidJin
    DavidJin Member Posts: 7 Member

    Hey Gee, to answer your questions, I use Komplete Kontrol for my Native insturments keyboard s61, as im pretty sure it's the only software that allows you to navigate with the keyboard. And the sound is cutting out as, I dont know if you could hear in the video, the sounds were stopping at the transients, and clipping as well. It leaves no tail of sustain, it just completely goes to nothing, sounding as if you took an audio file and chopped it up, deleting random sections. Maybe the drum pattern wasnt the best demonstration for this, but for example when it happens on instruments like pianos where there's meant to be a sustain tail, nothing sounds, and the audio goes completely blank, after hearing only the first .5 second of it. Hope this gives you more information as to the problem.

  • Jeremy_NI
    Jeremy_NI Customer Care Posts: 4,531 mod

    @DavidJin Do Logic and Komplete Kontrol have Full Disk Access? How to Enable Full Disk Access on macOS

    What was the fix the last time this occurred?

    Are your libraries installed on an external hard drive? what is the format of that drive? What's your operating system?

  • DavidJin
    DavidJin Member Posts: 7 Member
    edited February 6

    Hey Jeremy, Thanks for responding. Around two days ago, I saw this message and i just gave all komplete softwares full disk access on MacOS. I waited a bit to see if this problem would come up again, and it just did today. I was running a Rickenbacker sound from Komplete Kontrol, and througout the entire day it was cutting out so bad that all I could hear was the clipping sound, almost as if the entire notes had disappered.

    -i know this isnt a CPU or Buffer size issue, as my logic CPU meter is more than fine

    -I'm pretty sure this only happens in Komplete Kontrol

    -This is specific to NI instuments only as it seems, as Logic stock intruments work fine

    and I am running my Komplete Library through an SSD, and what seemed to fix it last time was that the disk was in a not-so compatible format, and I was recommended to reformat it into APFS. Reformating it seemed to have helped with the problem of bouncing, so now that if a track's midi notes does completely decide to cut out, I can try to bounce the track out, and majority of the time it still has sound through that.

    Thankyou for giving attention to this problem I'm having, I wouldnt be asking here with such long paragphs if there was an answer already, I've searched online many times, but it doesnt seem like many other people are dealing with the same issue. (I could provide another video of the example if you'd like


  • Jeremy_NI
    Jeremy_NI Customer Care Posts: 4,531 mod

    Hey David, is this happening with any other library? If you create the same drum track in Kontakt (for troubleshooting purposes) do you experience the same issue? Can you also check something when in Komplete Kontrol? Choose the Edit view, this will show the Kontakt's window inside Komplete Kontrol:

    Can you see any unusual activity in this area (circled in green) when you experience the issue?

  • DavidJin
    DavidJin Member Posts: 7 Member

    Hello Jeremy, thanks for your reply, I just experienced this issue just then again, and I took this opportunity to check everything. Firstly, I checked under the "Purge" section in Komplete Kontrol under the edit view, and nothing usual shows on my end. I then copied the midi track to an exact same identical track, but on Kontakt, and it worked perfectly. So far it seems that this is an issue only inside of my Komplete Kontrol as every time I copy the instrument to a Kontakt track, so far, no signs of the issue on Kontakt.

    (I took this screenshot at the exact time I was hearing this issue)

    I was checking also at this momement other possible causes such as CPU and things like that, and everything in my Komplete Kontrol shows to be apparently normal. I think this may be a bit of an unusual problem, as nothing seems to be going wrong on the surface?

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