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I am setting up a new computer. In the past, I used Kontakt Player 5 to host some 3rd party libraries that were used in Finale (music notation software). I've had no issue bringing those libraries to my new computer in Kontakt Player 7. Finale recognizes both KP7 and the libraries.

The issue happens when I pull up any existing Finale project that used KP5. Since the file is set to KP5 and then Finale doesn't find KP5, it isn't loading any of my sounds, even though I have KP7 installed. I was able to download a legacy version of Kontakt 5. It was supposed to be a player version, but it was a full version that can only run in demo mode. I cannot find a Player version of 5. In that full version, even in demo mode, I can not open up Kontakt 5 within Finale itself to edit or even view my current setting. I can work with KP7 in the future no problem, but I cannot access 8 years of previous files.

Is there a version of Kontakt Player 5 I can download and use to read these old project? Is there a way to have my Finale files move over to KP7? Any other proposed solution?

Thank you for any help and attention you can provide!


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    Hey @Jvil10 A couple of things worth mentioning.

    1. Kontakt 7 is VST3 only, I don't believe that Fiinale supports VST3 yet
    2. Kontakt 5 Player or Full version is basically the same program, only if you own the full version it would turn into the full version. What third party libraries are you trying to load? Do they require the full version of Kontakt or only the free version?
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    Hello @Jeremy_NI,

    1. I am able to run Kontakt 7 Player within Finale, so I should have no issues with future projects!
    2. I never owned the full version of Kontakt 5, and I was only interested in the Player version of 5. When I downloaded from https://support.native-instruments.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000568949-KONTAKT-Player-Legacy-Installers-for-Older-Operating-Systems, it opened a full version which I can only use as a demo version. I am leading Virtual Drumline from Tapspace, which has run on player versions in the past. I believe the issue is that within Finale, my old files are looking for Kontakt Player 5 since that is the audio engine that the sounds are set to. Without Kontakt Player 5, I would have to go in and reset all the sounds for every file. While the sounds work with the demo of Kontakt 5 Full Version, I cannot view my Kontakt settings or edit any of the files. It would only work as is. What I am starting to lean towards if I cannot get access to Player 5 is to leave that part along and then run Player 7 as a separate audio engine for any edits and adjustments.

    I appreciate any help!

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    Can you try this installer? Kontakt Player 5.7.3

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    @Jvil10 Did that work out?

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