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Hy together ,

I use a Mac Book in conjunction with the Audio 8 sound card.... 2x D2 controller..and Traktor Pro 3 software.

I have the following problems.

On the Remix Decks the Virtual Volume Fader from the 4th Remix Set channel ...on the D 2 Controller the right fader ...keeps going down by itself even though on the D 2 Controller the fader is up and not moving .

And with the Dry/Wet FX Poti is also the case that as soon as you move the poti once, practically makes itself independent and permanently reindreht in the DJ set .....was really annoying.

Does anyone here have a tip or even a solution? Would you really grateful

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    If it's a hardware based problem (these pots are malfunctioning) go to some repairing service. To debug this put the controller in midi mode (if possible, not sure about D2 details) and use a midi monitor app. You can see if values jump randomly with pots quiet that usually means bad contact or damaged component (the pot) itself.

    If it's a software based problem, research (meanwhile wait for someone join us) for others users experiencing the same and if they found any fix. Obviously check if you have any firmware update for the D2 and check its release notes/bugfixes. Don't update before double check... sometimes these updates doesn't fix what you need and can wreck something else so take it slow.

    Hope it helps.

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