Please Add Tempo/Time Signature track

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Been asking for this since Maschine 1.0- like 10+ years.

Maschine/Komplete user ($$$purchaser) here since it was Kore. Purchased Kore(RIP), Kore 2(RIP), Maschine Mk1(RIP), Studio(RIP) and now MK3, Jam (RIP), Rig Kontrol (RIP)....Komplete 1-14...Please, Please, Please implement tempo/time signature changes per pattern/scene. Yes I can use it as a plugin and make tempo track in my DAW, but that is the only reason I need to use a DAW at all at this point for my maschine projects and its kinda ridiculous i have to use a separate program just to automate tempo changes.

Like no one else in the world needs to have their music shift in tempo within a track??? This was the first issue i had with Machine 1.0 and here we are 12 years later with such incredible innovations like time stretched audio, etc.

I have been using Akai MPCs since the 90's and they have have had this basic functionality since day one. Don't mean to complain since Maschine is my world, I love it and no doubt incredible on so many levels....but c'mon! Every update I'm hoping....but still nope

Every few years I have to post a rant like this because its unbelievable this has still not been implemented. Boggles my mind...

Maybe some dev can enlighten me to why this has been so difficult to implement...or maybe overlooked??? Music needs to breathe, sway and feel human!

I build full performances into maschine, and to have a full performance in one tempo/time signature is I am forced to use a daw to host maschine for the tempo track... its absurd.



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    Bro i just dont get it either. I use to use Live and maschine to remedy this but now they have removed control surface support for jam and maschine on ableton live 11. It must be too difficult to implement but im just baffled as to why this wasnt added from the beginning. I remember one of the first things I tried was to set time signatures to each scene and automate tempo and I was amazed I couldn't do it in standalone and still can't. I get its a groove box but so is the MPC and they had these features in the 80s. Ah well.

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    The Choir says "Amen!"

    LOVE NI and Maschine+ but I find myself using my software DAWs more often just for tempo controls. My skill growth with using the Maschine+ suffers.

    Personal goal is the use Maschine+ as my DAW, but I go weeks and months without even using turning it on. Just finished updates and hope to see TEMPO change/controls now available.

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    This specific lack of functionality is why I even made an account on the NI Forums. I bought the Maschine+, confident that NI wouldn't make such a bumble as releasing a "standalone groovebox" that can't even change tempo or time signature. I told myself "surely, they're going to release an update that adds this functionality. They couldn't possibly be this stupid. Nobody could fail like this on such an epic scale. But they did! :D

    Honestly, I think producers should start engaging in class action lawsuits or lobbying for stricter legal definitions/standards that certain kinds of gear needs to have. We roll over and accept such substandard products in the music/arts world. Imagine if you had to spend $1,000 on a guitar that has enough strings to play the full range of the instrument, and then like $200 guitars all had like 3 strings, no tone controls and an RCA jack instead of TRS/TS thingymabob. The $200 guitar company tells you "we did all of this to cut costs!" but then why make a dang guitar that can't even be an actual guitar? That's how I feel about synth gear, except the dollar amounts are far larger and the price-to-feature ratio varies wildly between everything.

    In the case of the Maschine+, it's a massive, MASSIVE oversight not to have had time signature and tempo automation settled as early as version 1. There is really no excuse because rhythm is the absolute, most fundamental element of music and this product's DOMINANT FUNCTION revolves around producing rhythmic musical material. It has a piano roll, but it's obviously best suited for drums/percussion and maybe bass/harmonic rhythm. And then to release a STANDALONE device, advertise it as the only device you'll need to bring to your gig, only to deliver a product that actually cannot do a bunch of things professional and amateur musicians alike would need it to do. (I'm not talking "desired" features that would make using Maschine *extra* special, I'm talking essential features that are required for Maschine to fulfil the promise it is making to consumers.). Imagine if there was some legislation that was written by a combination of lawyers and professionals in the industry that dictated that any product labeled as a "standalone groovebox" must have a set of essential features in order to have that title...or something along those lines. It'd probably be a complex issue with multiple categories/subcategories of gear to legislate but I cannot think of any other way to force tech companies to do what we want them to do. Yelling at them doesn't work & poor reviews doesn't work because the average musician is very concerned with "looking the part", so complaining about how stupid the Roland AIRA stuff is won't stop the rich frat boy from buying a TR8s and LARPing as a DJ. end Rant. ha.

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    THIS POST!!!! honestly it sooooo annoying! I just want to be able to change tempos across scenes so I dont have to load new projects whilst playing live! It can't be that difficult can it!?!!?!? NI Please do this.. thinking about changing my live rig to a lap top and ableton and just selling my maschine !!

    Good post mate!!!

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    The tr8s is a pretty fabulous machine I don’t know what you’re on about there

  • Cretin Dilettante
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    I hate step sequencers & the interface conventions they have imposed upon drum machines. I wish something better had caught on.

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