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hello friends,

while playing music with 120 bpm in traktor pro, sometimes it is necessary to accompany with very low 70 bpm music. It is not comfortable to increase these music to 120. half of its place is playing at 60 bpm in full harmony. I'm trying to manually set half of the master bpm to 60.

How do you do the synchronization in these cases? I think there must be an automatic way to do this.



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    You shouldn't have any 70 bpm tracks, Traktor is analyzing those wrong. Those are most likely dubstep at 140bpm.

    What I would do to mix into or with 120bpm track is (I assume you are using sync) change the master tempo to 127-130 bpm to get somewhere in the middle of them.

    In preferences try changing your bpm range in preferences to automatic.

  • Kayya
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    I had never thought of the technique of meeting somewhere in the middle. It's a nice solution in some cases, but I want to draw attention to the detail in my position.

    As in the example of 120 bpm will stay in place. The other song will accompany it at 60 bpm. our detail here is we do not lower the bpm, we do not break the rhythm and because the other song has a very low bpm, half of the master bpm is synchronized as bpm. You must have tried this somewhere. Half of the master bpm matches the master bpm.

    It made me laugh that you were surprised by the bpm of the song in my example :) There are such cultures in the world that I am surprised by the producers :)

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    You could set the 70 BPM song to have 140 BPM grid. That way Traktor can use sync with them.

    I know other DJ programs support 1/2 sync, but I don't think traktor can.

    You can also map a rotary encoder to go down 1 BPM with each click that that makes life easier.

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    The reason I said the 70bpm is most likely 140 is because that is a common genre (usually dubstep) that gets mistaken by Traktor as 70bpm. Depending on what your Bpm range is set to. I find Automatic bpm range the best setting.

    I am curious, what are the genres you are mixing and are they stable bpms?

    The reason I ask is if the genres are 70bpm and that slow, most of the time those are live played tracks not a constant bpm. Using sync can be just about impossible and a lot of clashing offbeat music. Most Djs beatmatch manually or buy dj edit tracks.

  • Kayya
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    I thought now that the grids can be adjusted with the flux key on x1 but for some reason I remember that when I tried this and the music went up to 140 bpm and synced to 120 it had a bad sound.

     I found the best way to manually adjust to 60, so that it stops at 1/2 balance. my biggest problem for this job is bpms after zero. such as 60.44. cannot be set manually.

     Visualize the heaviest vocals of the blues style in terms of musical style. I've been experimenting with techno mixing them. As little surprises or as jokes. As I mentioned above, I am not getting results. Manual 1/2 adjustment is not possible.

     I can't comment on flexible bpms. I don't know if it is related to this area because we couldn't discover what is flexible bpm in traktor pro. :))

     Sorry again for my bad english. please understand

  • zephry
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    Awesome. That would be a cool mix. Unfortunately without what is called warping in production software like Ableton. Getting those genres with unstable bpms to sound good is hard. Even with a "Warped" track keep in mind also how many different instruments work in those genres. And sometimes the warping to beat sounds strange speeds up and down and the key is weird.

    The closest I have come to getting results is usually setting cue points and using effects like delays or even distortion over the whole mix but also only in build ups or breaks (places the sampled music will set.)

    Typically scratch djs and even glitch style techno or crazy mixes will slam parts in quickly cutting faders or crossfader or find parts to match up. Lots of preparation and making sure key matches, etc.

    Sorry to sound negative, believe me if we all could just do this it would be awesome. But the bpm is almost the least of the problem.

    I would suggest practicing with both tracks at a middle road bpm (if you are going for the well mixed style) and find tracks that work.

    If you want to possibly try quick sampling in with loops I suggest listening in headphones and finding parts that loop and set well and add adjust key till it sounds good. In my experience the original key doesn't usually sound good in remixes (for techno at least).

    Sped up bpms sound a bit better at higher adjusted key. And slowed down at lower adjusted keys. But for techno almost always lower adjusted key.

    These are things I have done when mixing and had ok results. But almost every time I have played and set cue points and wait for a good area to mix. And sometimes it still just fails. Especially with techno.

    When a producer makes tracks with sampled vocals for dj edits and mixing they spend a lot of time getting the parts chopped up and adding effects and adjusting frequency. Imagine it being hard just to make it work without being live djing.

    But hey practice man. I know it is possible. The dj James Hype does some amazing stuff (although more Mainstage style than techno). Believe me I still try to mix in crazy genres too. In fact you inspired me to try more often.

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    You can map 2 free buttons with the following commands:

    Add In... -- Track Deck --- Grid --- BPMx2 (BPM/2)

    Make sure analysis lock is disabled for the track. For convenience, you can map a button to toggle this as well:

    Add In... -- Track Deck --- Grid --- BPM Lock On

    This way, you can sync the track if you can't match the 1/2 tempo track to the master tempo accurately enough.

  • Kayya
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    Thank you for your support. You are right.

    if this thing works that would be awesome. I wish x1 had this offical.

    i don't know much about mappings but if i get too bad i will try to try :)

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