Ideas for new features for next versions of Traktor Pro

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I'd like to see the following features added in the future:

1.) A "background EQ" (comparable to the "auto-gain feature"):

My idea is that once I know what EQ settings a certain tune needs, i can store them together with all the other track infos, and upon next loading of this tune, the mentioned "standard EQ settings" (for this tune) are loaded and applied to the mixer channel the tune is on.

E. g.: A track needs -30% Bass to sound fine, and i switch to kind of a "EQ background layer" to set (and store) this setting with the track. When I load this track, the -30% Bass is applied automatically (without affecting the actual settings of the mixer EQ).

I hope you can understand what I mean ;-)

2.) The key widget could be expanded, so not only the tunes that are within a half tone range to fit the playing tune are shown, but also tunes that are similar to the actual key (according to the "circle of fifths"). In other words, include the "circle of fifths" scheme into the software (so you don't need to learn it by heart or take it with you as a printout ;-) )



  • Stevan
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    I like this and have suggested something similar a while back. I would also like to insert effects that works with that track and maybe samples that work with that track as well.

  • Kayya
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    This feature is not useful to me. I just wanted to say this. In digital devices, when the knobs are in different positions, the software will be different and everything will be broken. instead, it seems more beneficial to always be in control. The same goes for effects. instead of the effect chosen for the music, you have all the sounds at hand. I think it's better like this.

  • RUN3S
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    Honestly, I would settle for M1 native compat and nothing else.

  • Kaiwan_NI
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    We've got a dedicated section for suggestions, feel free to drop your feedback here @dj-ddt 😀

  • Patch
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    1) Background EQ is just a bad idea. EQ is not a set-and-forget thing, it's dynamic. It will be different depending on which track you're mixing into/out of...

    2) Agree with this one, though. 👍️ Key Mixing "rules" should be incorporated into Smart List conditions.

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