Reaktor on iPad?

Chet Singer
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Are there any plans to make a Reaktor-like product for iPads?

I'd like to run one of my ensembles on an iPad, so I checked out AudioKit to assess how much work it would be to port it. Yikes, it's complicated! And for experienced programmers only. I've certainly been spoiled by the ease of Core.



  • colB
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    Kinda would make sense to have factored that into their ARM rewrite.

    Big challenge would be th UI. That would require quite some work to make sense in a touchscreen only context.

  • ehdyn
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    Audulus 4 was recently released and is quite powerful imo.. designed for touch from the outset.

    Nothing like Core there yet, but can do some physical modeling.

  • joebowbeer
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    Reaktor Player for iPad would be appreciated.

    For comparison, checkout the Respiro iOS Player from imoxplus

    The player is free, but you need to enter a license to import patches.

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