Native Access takes FOREVER just to boot up and then fails to install 75 percent of the time

wshoey Member Posts: 4 Newcomer
edited January 11 in Native Access

This is the worst installation experience for any software I've ever been through. I just wasted a WHOLE DAY for native access to open halfway and then freeze at various steps, and then the one in five times when I can actually open it it fails to install anything most of the time. This is a nightmare and the only reason I'm pressing forward with trying to install is because I've got projects that have already used NI products and I don't want to start from scratch. And at the busiest time of year, NI has suspended chat support (which is already insufficient for such a supposedly high end product). Needless to say, I'm posting negative reviews of NI anywhere I can and I will never give them my money again. NIGHTMARE!

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