How to connect a TP + with a Roland TR-8S - sync function

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Hi to All

My base setups ic made form TP+ to mikser PX5 + 2 Xone K2 and with a Maschine mk3 - and all of this is runing in synch form Traktor without problems.

Now I want to add Roland TR - 8 to this setup - I do not have idea hot to make TR-8S as a slave to Traktor with sync BPM. I have connet the TR with mikser on Chanel A via jack cables and with a compyter ( windows system) via Usb cabel.

How to adjust TR 8S to receive a sync signal form traktor ? Maybe I have to go with a midi cable form mikser PX5 direct to Roland

maybe some of you or you friends have sometninh simillar that all is working in sync with Traktor Pro Plus

Thanks for suggestion


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    the tr8s has midi over usb, so you can add a generic device in traktor settings under "controller manager" and set the tr8s as output. Then you go to "external sync" and you set "enable midi clock". Then on top of the traktor screen a new "sync" button appears with a offset setting, you can use that to compensate a delay, if you need.

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