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I have purchased a mk2 maschine Groove

I have installed native instruments and all the rest but don’t know what to do now. They all say there installed but just don’t open.My maschine isn’t doing anything.

I cant open any of the apps that I’ve downloaded.

this is also on my NI screen . Can someone tell me how to resolve this please? Thanks 🙏 ive made a folder and seems to be working

none of the apps , effects nothing is opening in native access either





  • Uwe303
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    first reset the app folder setting to standard or how it was set before you installed all apps. Then go to finder and look for maschine 2 for example, then you should find the program and you can open it and make a icon on your desktop to be able to find it more easily. Also open kontakt 7 player first and reaktor player, so the apps can build the sound database, then you open maschine.

  • Uwe303
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    apps should be there: Macintosh HD > Applications > Native Instruments

  • Bagwan
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    Now most of the apps need re-installing and wont let me do anything

    its becoming a nightmare

    need to start again I think but its not as easy as just deleting native access

    im totally confused

  • Uwe303
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    When did you change the application folder, and what is in the folder i see on the picture. But maybe best is to start all over again and set the folder back to standard before, as I already said.

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    have you given all the permissions needed on the OS??

    check your privacy & security and make sure all the switches for anything related to Maschine are switched to the on position (full disk access)

    Maschine 2

    Native access


    etc etc etc

  • Bagwan
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    Im all set up !!!

    thanks for all the help

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