Native acces is a pos

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So I launched native to uninstall the demo version of massive and to see if there are any updates for my registered products.

Upon launch N.A. informs me it will install a new version on exit OR choose to install now by restarting the pc.

I don't want any of the two options ,so when exiting Native acces it just hangs and a kill process from within taskmanager is necesarry .

Dear N.I. ALWAYS give the user the option if he -she wants to install a new update or not , don't shove it down our throats

Rant over



  • Peter Harris
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    Native Access doesn't have the capability to uninstall. It's a long requested feature but we're still waiting.

    You have to uninstall from Add/Remove Programs (at least in Windows).

  • gentleclockdivider
    gentleclockdivider Member Posts: 93 Helper

    I couldn't find the uninstaller i windows so I tried N.A. .

    Anyway , my point still stands , N.A. should NOT install a new version of itself when it's not asked to do so

  • gentleclockdivider
    gentleclockdivider Member Posts: 93 Helper

    This is what I am talking about ,

    The dialogue says it will instal la new version when restarted , but all it does is hang .

    I have to kill native acces from win task manager

  • Reefius
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    Almost every installer I know does this: Arturia, iZotope, reFX, Softube, Steinberg, Waves, ...

    Some of them will ask you to update, but if you don't it will just quit. So basically you're forced to update anyway if you want to continue updating your plugins.

    NA2 has many issues, but this isn't one of them.

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