Will traktor Pro 3 run on a Snapdragon 8cx gen 2

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Hay Mates,

As above, i need to know if i can order myself a HP elite Folio for DJ gigs, because i dont want to bring my Gaminglaptop to gigs where i dont have to use ableton.

Anyone have a clue about this?

Best regards! Alien



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    as far as i know windows has a 64bit-x86 "translation" program build in to run windows apps on a arm processor - so it should run, then is the question if a proper audio interface with asio drivers will work. As cool as the HP elite folio looks, I would personally buy for half of the money, or same money a notebook with an intel or amd processor, then it works for sure. But maybe we have someone with real experience and can help.

    P.S. HP spectre x360 for example

  • alien.audio
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    Thx for your response!

    I could get one for less then 800.. thats why im asking. I had a regular convertible but would prefere a Design that does not force me to lay the Keyboard on the table cuz our club is somewhat dirty ^^

    I wish a happy new year

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    What about older Microsoft Surface Pro? I use Surface 7 Pro (i5) witth Traktor and it runs fine. It is passively cooled. Also, Surface 6 Pro should work fine, but I have not tried. Also passively cooled. Surface i7 or any model of Pro 8 have cooler.

    I paid about 550 EUR secondhand for MS Surface 7 Pro i5 (4C/8T), 8 GB RAM, 128 GB SSD. And little bit more for 16 GB/256 GB.

    The latter also runs Maschine quite well an is able to run up to two Light series patches. And few more not so hungry patches.

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