Audio Distortion with Traktor Pro 3

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Hey Guys,

I was wondering if anyone had this problem. Whenever the volume is turned up on the amplifier, there is distortion caused by software drop outs. When the amplifier is turned down, everything is ok, no issue. I turned up the amplifier several times to confirm that is it not speaker or amplifier problem. I literally see freezing with the software. Does anyone know if Traktor software is sensitive to loud sound especially loud bass? This is so strange. I am using a Traktor s4 MK2 with an i3 2.4 Ghz processor, 8gb ram, 1Tb hd win10 computer.

The speakers are about 6 feet from the computer.



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    the tractor itself does not have a problem with the loud sound, but if you have a mechanical hard disk it may have a problem with the loud bass sound. It happened to me once in a club where I had a subwoofer next to me. I changed the disk to ssd and everything was fine.

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    Alright, I changed the hard drive to ssd. The computer is flying now but I still have the same problem. The problem is more on deck A than B. I tried changing the settings from lower to higher latency, it made no difference. Could this be a new issue or did someone have this problem before?

    Just to add some more info- I am using this with Traktor S4 Mk2, WIN 10, 8Gb Ram, Intel core i3 2.4ghz, 1TB SSD, TP 3.6.

    Is there a later version that fixed this problem?

  • djvalho
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    OK, i figured out the problem. The problem is caused by my Kontrol S4 mk2 being too close to the bass speakers. The Kontrol S4 Mk2 is sensitive to vibration caused by the speakers. So i didn't need to change my hard drive to SSD but it is moving so much faster now so it definitely was a benefit. Maybe someone can test to see if the Kontrol S4 Mk3 is also sensitive to vibration. In conclusion, this was not a Traktor Pro 3 problem.

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    The S4Mk3 is also sensitve to vibrations, but you can increase the jogwheel tension to compensate for it.

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