How you beatgridding tracks with multiple tempos?

Dr. Artil
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How you beatgridding tracks with multiple tempos, such as remixes that starts on 128bpm than pass thru 100 bpm and finish again on 128bpm?



  • mode:masters
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    Use more than one Beat Grid marker (the white ones, not blue cue markers). Set the second one where the new tempo start and change the BPM value on that marker.

  • Ejub Petrovac
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    You can't do that. You can set multiple grid markers, but you can't change the tempo for each grid marker. The tempo is fixed (one tempo for the whole track). That's why we are asking for elastic beatgrids feature for so long.

    On the other hand, if the track is made like written above (128 to 100 to 128 again) you can set first grid marker at the beginning of the song at 128 BPM and manually set another grid marker where your second part at 128 BPM starts. That way your start and end of the track will be gridded properly at 128 BPM. This works just for this case and not for the "transition tools" (mostly hip-hop songs that go from one BPM to another and sta). For that we have to wait for elastic beatgrids to use those transition tools properly, or just ride that pitch and beatmatch manually.

  • dj_estrela
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    This is exactly why I have a method to "approximate" EB by adding hundreds of beatmarkers

    It's still not the same thing of course, but it's better than nothing.
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    My bad, you're 100% right. I've recently been moving between a Traktor S8 and a Denon Prime unit, it's the Denon that let's you change the BPM, not Traktor. Somehow got my wires crossed. Definitely a welcome feature to be able to set a different BPM on successive Grid Markers though.

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