2022 Year in review

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Hi all πŸ™‚

As 2022 draws to a close, I thought it'd be interesting to share with you what we've achieved together this year.

In fact, if this year had a theme, it would be growth - thanks to the discussions, comments, tips, feedback, and stories you shared on this online community.

It is also a year of new beginnings. Ever since we've moved to a new platform in January, we've rolled out some initiatives we haven't tried before - from sharing the first product roadmap, throwing the first giveaway, having a dedicated space to collect ideas, to organizing the first AMA. On a more personal level, it's also my first year at NI, and it's been amazing - all thanks to you.

So, here's a look back at 2022, by the numbers.

Thank you for a great 2022!




  • Kymeia
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    Most active thread: NKS User Library!!

  • Matt_NI
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    Well done! Looks like we're going to have to do something to spread the word even more πŸ˜€

  • Matt_NI
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    Appreciate the kind words @Peter Harris πŸ™

    It's not always easy to run a space with so many users, tackling so many products but I think we're slowly building healthy community habits both here and internally. We have a ton of ideas and we'll keep improving this space.

    A big thank you to @Kaiwan_NI @Nico_NI and @Jeremy_NI working a ton here and behind the scene to make this space better each day.

  • SteveKDJ
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    I wrote to you, you don't answer, thanks..

  • Nico_NI
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    To an even more fruitful year! πŸŽ‰

  • Kymeia
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    Happy new year everyone

  • Ed M
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    Happy new year everybody.

    Also thanks to @Kaiwan_NI @Nico_NI @Jeremy_NI , it was a bumpy road the past few months but despite that, you did your best to help us.

    Looking forward to what NI has in store for us! Feel free to share some teasers ;-)

  • Tellmeaboutit123
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    thanks for a year that had hope, disappointment and frustrations but I believe now Traktor is in a better place. Keep showing the love to what is the most cool, creative dj software on the planet. Let’s make 2023 even better. Good things to come. Thanks @Kaiwan_NI @Matt_NI @JonAnderson2021 @Ryan_NI @Friedemann_NI

  • aidenstunes
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    May 2023 bring Hi-DPI for Kontakt, Battery and Reaktor with it, the rest is already great.

  • awol9000
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    The most complaints.......Maschine forum lol

  • Monochrome
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    Two things:

    1. You do realize that NI - internally - consists of multiple product teams, responsible for different products, and not just "Team Traktor" that handles everything?
    2. Please don't try to speak for everyone. What you may find "useless" likely isn't useless for others.

    Transparency edit: Fixed a typo and changed the tone of the last sentence a bit.

  • Peter Harris
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    @Monochrome: Agreed!

    @ehskeep: Why don't you head over to a more appropriate place like to the Traktor beta forum, sign up, provide some direct feedback to the appropriate people and try to make the product better?

    Shocking how self-centered people can be when their particular priorities aren't reflected by the company's or other users'. Most (or at least some) of us would rather use positive reinforcement or at least useful feedback to help steer NI to continuing to make our favorite products better.

  • TurnedTables
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    This quote sums up my feelings, I will add one additional wish for this year: Make me a z4 mixer please!!! Love my Z2 it's such a good mixer but it needs an update.

  • Wouter De Muynck
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    I appreciate all the effort, but a product roadmap should be a commodity for all products. Although I understand OS compatibility requires a lot of effort, some insights/transparancy on future productreleases would be nice! All the best for the 2023!

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