Native Access 2 - why no update from inside Native Access 1 ?

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I just upgraded to Komplete 14. Everything went fine except Ozone which would not install. After first a bit of worry, which for me is unavoidable when something fails to install, I searched the support pages which did not provide a solution. Then I came here and searched and eventually discovered that I needed to update to Native Access 2, which I then had to search for.

Why was there no mention of the need to upgrade to Native Access 2 in any of the emails I received. In the "Download" email it does say "First you will need Native Access to download your products. If you don’t yet have Native Access installed, you can download it here." And yes the link does point to Native Access 2. But I did have Native Access installed! So I did not click on that link. The email should have stated in a big font "If you don't have Native Access 2 installed".

Why isn't it possible to upgrade to Native Access 2 inside Native Access 1? If the update had been there I would have installed that first.

Not complaining. Just trying to save Native Instruments customers and users for unnecessary worry and bother.



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    The answer is probably simply that they didn't build in an update option to v2 inside v1.

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