Did anyone report M+ issues saving and shutting down post the latest update?

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Hello, first post here.

I updated my M+ a week ago (12-5-22) to the latest M+ rev and I've had stability issues since.

  1. Shutdown takes way longer
  2. New saved projects saved always say "not saved correctly, please restore" after bootup (even though saved correctly) - this used to be much more rare
  3. Disk mode over USB often won't browse the card through my Win 10 system (latest Win 10) - endless waiting on the Windows side.

It's really messing up my weekly Hardware Jams sessions when trying to enter these competitions. :-( .

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  • Peter Harris
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    Yes, unfortunately this is a well-known issue that NI has so far been unable to fix for weeks now.

    Even more frustrating has been that the update continues to be offered automatically to M+ users despite it being seriously detrimental if installed.

    And before you ask: no, they have also not provided any way to roll back the update once installed.

    Finally, yes, this is seriously testing the loyalty of the mainly very satisfied, patient and supportive M+ community.

  • KingVidiot
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    Ah, I understand, sorry to see that. Thanks for the honest feedback.

    It will teach me to be more cautious.

    The last update before this one helped a lot with stability, so I took this one for granted. :-(

    As I regular Microsoft customer, I expect this junk from them, but oh well...

  • Jeremy_NI
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