Maschine Plus 1.4.4 - Long time when shutting down.

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Hello ,

What is added in maschine plus 1.4.4 update ?

M+ shutdown takes much longer than before with 1.4.3 and shows a recover project option in every boot.


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  • Jeremy_NI
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    The changelog was shared yesterday:

    Official update status - Maschine + (current version 1.4.4)

    It's just a compatibility update, to ensure compatibility with the Maschine desktop software, as some of you already mentioned. Also as lots of you already said it, be careful and use only VST2 NI plug-ins if you want to transfer project to and from the Plus.



  • PK The DJ
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    Ooh there's an update!

  • Fachex
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    I just got it. What's the release log?

  • Daysun
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    I know, we don't get any info anymore.

  • Peter Harris
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    Considering that the history of recent updates hasn't been great I don't think I would install it without knowing what benefits there would be to it.

  • Rico010
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    Maybe this is an update preparing system for next update which will not be possible to install otherwise :)

    I hope sometime in future M+ could: (a) work in controller+standalone modes with a transparent swicth on the go, (b) send audio output to the soundcard on the host pc/mac.

    I know it may not be a list of features needed by all, just dreaming loudly.

  • MaikR
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    Humm… the update log is posted. Can someone explain what is meant by updating M+ to be compatible with Maschine on the desktop? Is it from a ‘controller’ point of view?

    From my personal POV the latest update on the desktop just crippled the workflow between the desktop and the standalone M+ even further. And again, no public commitment to a feature roadmap whatsoever. Very disappointed.

  • AdelV
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    This means project created and saved inside Soft Maschine 2.16 can be opened inside Maschine Plus.

  • MaikR
    MaikR Member Posts: 161 Advisor

    But only when a project uses VST2 versions of the plugins, right?

  • KIRI
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    I'm slightly confused ... afaik M+ doesn't work in standalone with any 3rd party VSTs, so does this only relate to using it in controller mode when the VSTs are being hosted in DAW? if so I'm not sure what the log means with regard to 'using the project on Maschine Plus'.

    I don't use my M+ in controller mode so I'm guessing I can skip this update ...

  • AdelV
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    Just update. Some of us are using software to prepare projects to transfer and then finish it inside M+. This update is required to ensure compatibilite between software 2.16 and Maschine Plus.

  • KIRI
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    ok thanks - but I'm curious about how VSTs transfer in this workflow, I'll do some experimentation later (I haven't used the software for a couple of years) but I'm assuming when you talk about transferring projects, you're only using M+ compatible VSTs in the first place (which would be a very limited selection?), when you're preparing the projects otherwise it wouldn't recognise them?

  • AdelV
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    You can open some plugins inside Maschine Plus, mainly reaktor player, kontakt player, massive and fm8. Of course only VST2 - as Administrator said in other topic - VST3 will be comaptibile with Maschine+ in next year. Otherwise will be prompt with alert of missing plugins. This thing is great and for me was gamechanger - finished couple things inside my M+ wich were difficult to finish inside software.

  • MaikR
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    Yes, and that’s why the integration is ‘updated’ but the workflow is crippled even further. You should have / keep VST2 plugins installed to export (and import) projects from one environment to the other. With no roadmap or promises the integration is not as flawless as one should expect from it… NI should close the gap instead of broaden it.

  • Dstep ATL
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    Are we to expect a feature update at all this year?

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