NI Remix Decks give error - missing or corrupt files?

sluggo Member Posts: 3 Member

EDIT - I forgot that I had to rename/browse to a new Remix folder in my settings....

I bought a new PC last year and never imported the NI Remix Decks until today. I'm using Traktor Pro 3.7.0 336 on Windows 11. I downloaded the free Remix Decks from NI's website and imported them into my Traktor library. When I try to add them to a remix deck in Traktor, I get an error every time: The sample "xxxx" could NOT be played the file is either missing or corrupt.

Even though my download looks ok, I removed those files and then restored the files that I had used on my previous computer from a backup. These files give the same errors. The file sizes are the same between my backup and what I downloaded today.

Any ideas on why this is happening?



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